Doing A TikTok Makeover Is No Longer Impossible If You Do This

Perhaps you’re bored with your present TikTok account and want to give it a completely new look. Or perhaps you bought bot TikTok followers to create an image out there, but now you want things to be real. 

Whatever it may be, doing a TikTok makeover is supposed to be hard and time-consuming. It might as well be, but if you follow these tips, Doing a TikTok makeover will be relatively simple for you.

Start with your username and profile picture 

If your username is not very interesting, change it. Make it something interesting that reflects ‘You” (perhaps your name?) or your personality. Also, keep it simple. Don’t use a lot of special characters in it, especially at the beginning of the end. It makes your profile harder for people to reach. Keep it simple and elegant. That’s the key. 

Next, have a good profile picture—something with good lighting and great composition. Perhaps a portrait of yourself throwing a bright smile against the shining sun? It must be well-composed. Not too dark or mysterious, because that will confuse a lot of people. Remember, Lightning is very important here.

Have a look at that bio

Your bio must be precise. You’re not here to tell stories through your bio, but your videos. Tell the people why they must like you and support you? Use an interesting phrase that describes your personality and the content of your videos. That’s the kind of bio that is deemed perfect, and is most likely to get you TikTok likes

Manage your followers 

If you bought fake followers on TikTok, and now you’ve gained a significant number of real followers. Now is the time to get rid of those fake followers during your TikTok makeover. 

There are various ways you can get rid of fake followers. Our favorite, and yet the most convenient way is to use an auditor website. These websites give you the analytics and behavior of your followers on your posts. If you know how fake followers behave, it’s easy to spot them by username in the analysis and get rid of them.

Just a heads up, fake followers are either super inactive or very spammy with irrelevant comments. This tip can highly help you spot fake followers.

Getting rid of fake followers is essential since having many followers in your account, and low interaction does not portray a good potential.

Take care of the content of your videos

Make sure all the videos that you post, follow a common theme, and a common niche. Or maybe 2 common themes. Remember that your videos must not be scattered along with various niches. The viewers will be confused about what the niche of your account is. You can buy tiktok likes to enhance engagement. 

If you have several videos about different things, all scattered around different things. It’s time to get rid of the junk videos that make your account uninteresting. Choose a theme or two. Preferably the one on which most of your videos are based. And start cleaning. Delete all the videos that do not follow the theme, and you should be good to go. 

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Final word 

Doing a TikTok makeover seems like something that consumes a lot of time. But remember, if you do it in the right sequence, it’s going to be worth it in the end. Your account will have a completely new look and feel to it. Also, it will look more professional and serious. And that is something people like the most.