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Content-Whale Launches Academic Writing Services Globally

After setting a benchmark of quality content writing services in more than 42 verticals, including technical writing, website content writing, articles, blog writing, etc., Content-Whale has added academic writing services to its vast list of verticals. 

The pandemic provided Content-Whale the opportunity to spread its outreach worldwide, setting a standard in the world of corporates and startups. The fervor with which the company has serviced its clients has garnered it positive reviews from local and international clients alike. With the same passion, Content-Whale is now extending its quality services for the benefit of students and professionals with the launch of academic writing services.

“Providing tailored content for each client has always been our recipe to success,” states Kritika Kanodia, Content Specialist at Content-Whale, “This is what we intend to offer to students who wish to climb the ladder of academic writing, as well.”

Their academic writing services include all forms of assignments that are given to the high school and university students. They range from essays, research papers, SOP, project reports, dissertations, CV and resume writing, etc. Most students have to tackle multiple academic assignments to pass a grade or to obtain credit. Some academic writing can take months to take its final form, costing students several hours. Content-Whale’s services help ease the pressure they may face due to tight deadlines with quality work. 

While creating an academic writing piece, seeking professional assistance is the best option to ensure a respectable grade. Content writing services make sure that the assignment is perfect, saving you time on editing and formatting. Content-Whale’s Plagiarism and editorial check on each curated content ensures that your submission is unique and original. With their 48-hours turnaround, last-minute assignments are no longer a problem. Furthermore, you can better customize your work with the two free revisions the agency’s content writing services come with.

The need for academic essay writers

Students around the world have started turning to professional writing services to polish their assignments. Here are some of the most common reasons one can seek out academic writing services: 

  • Efficient and saves time

A full-time course involves several assignment submissions within tight deadlines. With the help of academic essay writers, students can use their time efficiently between different subjects. 

  • Better grades

When a grade largely depends on an assignment, it is beneficial to use a professional writer. Not only are they more experienced in writing and research, but they also know what kind of content a professor or teacher would want.

  • Reduces stress

Deadlines and exams can be a stressful time for students. By relying on content writing services, you can reduce one’s workload while ensuring that you get the best possible result.  

Services provided by Content-Whale under Academic Content Writing

Here is a comprehensive list of services that Content-Whale offers under the academic content writing vertical. 

  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)

Most prestigious universities and colleges ask for a Statement of Purpose to be submitted during the admission process. The SOP should convey the student’s zest towards the subject and their aim for the future. 

  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

A letter of recommendation is required to apply for a scholarship or internship and proves a student’s efficiency and skills to fit for the candidature that they are applying for. 

  • Project Reports, Thesis, and Dissertations 

Essays, dissertations, reports, and thesis are common for most last year students in college these days to evaluate their subject knowledge and form the basis for final grades.

  • Research Paper

A research paper is a degree requirement for most master’s programs, especially for students interested in entering the academic fields.   

Along with the above-mentioned, the company also offers academic essay writers for assignment writing, term paper writing, case studies, descriptive writing, etc. 

Vision Behind the Launch of Academic Writing Services 

Academic writing demands professional sentences that are fueled by research and provide new information with every word. Most assignments and submissions constitute a majority of a person’s grade. For such an important task, taking the help of professional academic essay writers never go wrong. 

It has been a noticed trait among mathematics and science majors that they can study and summarize the data but cannot explain it in words. Academic writing requires the text to be as exact and compact as possible while still being elaborate enough to explain the subject precisely. With the help of a qualified academic writer, one can turn their report into an engaging piece of information. 

“We understand that students work on a tight budget,” says the Growth Manager, Pavithra Parthasarathi, “Through the academic writing services, we aim to provide a thoroughly researched, unique, and accurate content that is affordable and flawless.”

Content-Whale has proved its competence in the past by providing excellent content writing services across verticals. With an emphasis on editing, proofreading, and toning down the plagiarism they guarantee a structured and complete written work. One can get the desired layout and design, customized content to match the institute’s requirements and be on their way to secure great grades.



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