Druglike discovers drug discovery platform
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Druglike invents web3 based drug discovery platform!

The importance of Drug discovery in the modern world.

The importance of drug discovery in the modern world is of utmost importance, to say the least. The Covid 19 pandemic, made us realize how we lack knowledge about a lot things in the nature. People across countries, genders, castes, suffered the same amount of loss when affected by Covid. Drug Discovery, in today’s world is necessary as we do not know when will the next pandemic hit. Considering the issues such as air pollution, water pollution, the quality of life has gone down and new kinds of diseases are creeping up, posing a big threat to the human race. It is important that we invest more time in drug discovery to invent new medicines that are more efficient in fighting the disease without much side effects.


Druglike creates decentralized science drug discovery platform

Druglike's web3 based drug discovery platform
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Martin Shkreli co-founded Druglike, a Web3 drug discovery software platform, and today it unveiled a website, whitepaper, and demo showcasing its efforts to democratize the costs, benefits, and availability of computational drug development.

The commencement of Druglike was done with a vision to provide opportunities to everyone, who are necessarily interested in discovering drug. Ultimately, the discovery of drugs is done for the good health of the human race. We all know that drug discovery by conventional methods is expensive and difficult. According to Martin, Druglike will remove all the unnecessary barriers to early-stage drug discovery, will increase the innovation and all a broader group of contributors to share the rewards.

Essentially, Druglike is a web-based platform and is completely free to use by anyone and everyone. A web-based toolkit for target discovery, drug design, and tools for creating and managing extensive virtual screening workflows will soon be made available by Druglike. Druglike is on a mission to revolutionize the drug industry which enabled by web3 technology.


Web3 technology tipped to rule the world.

Today’s generation is certainly open to advancements and technological developments in all walks of life. Similarly, Web3 is the technological development in the web world. Web3 is powered by decentralization, blockchain technologies and token-based economics which surely are related by today’s generation.


Writer’s Analysis:

Druglike’s vision of enabling a more comfortable and easy process for drug discovery is truly commendable. The only aspect of the vision that worries me is that the website or the platform will be available to all the people. It could be little easy for cyber criminals to hack and change the modulation of the discovered drug and cause harm to the humans. So, while the platform shows a lot of promise, it is important that it is built with enough security and safety measures.