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Dune’s Crypto Leader is stepping down after being convicted of racism, homophobia, and grooming
Dune makes it easy for crypto users to turn blockchain data into actionable charts and metrics.

Crypto Dune and NFTs

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We should cast our minds back to January, when I wrote a post titled “Crypto Losers Buy Copy Of Jodorowsky’s Dune, Have Played Themselves,” which I believed at the time perfectly captured the extent to which brainworms had infected the blockchain community.

To summarise, a gathering known as a DAO (erring on them here) obtained one of the surviving replicas of Jodorowsky’s Dune, a creation book of scriptures for a failed 1970s Hollywood adaptation of Dune that was made famous by the 2013 film also known as Jodorowsky’s Dune. Learning a lot more about crypto tricks than intellectual property law, they assumed they’d have the ability to do a variety of things with the material inside, never considering that purchasing a book doesn’t give you the freedom to what’s inside it, nor that it’s one of the numerous enduring duplicates, not alone.

We hadn’t heard much about the project since, until the end of the week, when one of the DAO’s main backers, Charlie/Charlotte Fang — who is also aiding run an NFT with projects dubbed Milady — was accused of posting some very heinous garbage on the internet.

The core of the allegations is contained in this lengthy Twitter thread by 0xngmi, in which the banner identified as “Miya” compares people of color to gorillas, deems homosexuality a “disease,” and claims that a nation may be “redeemed” by eliminating its Jews. It is also reported that “Miya” was associated with the System space people organization, which has been labeled a “self-destruction religion,” promising a “cyberpunk the great beyond,” and was linked to the death of a 17-year-old in 2017. “Miya” is also accused of being involved in the preparation of anorexic young females via web-based entertainment.

Tooth has since admitted to being “Miya” in a series of Twitter posts (it’s critical to note that the record is alluded to as a kind of shared craftsmanship undertaking, and they don’t address explicit charges, so it’s hazy which posts were truly them), in which they say their sickening posts and conduct was them simply “savaging” and being “adolescent,” and that their “genuine perspectives hold no space for disdain.” They have officially announced their departure from the Milady NFT project, but their situation with the Dune crew remains unclear (Kotaku has connected for an explanation on this).

As we’ve seen, a DAO is essentially a front for fools to buy crypto, and since we’re returning to the Dune group’s activities, we should check-in and see how things have been going for their own money in the months since they bought the book and…ah.



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