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Control Is Now Free For AT&T Customers

AT&T is continuing its usage of Google’s Immersive Stream, built around the Stadia technology giving customers free access to Control, a AAA video game, complete with mobile play. Thanks to Google’s Immersive Stream, previously Google Stadia, customers can access the Control Ultimate Edition at the touch of their smartphone. AT&T customers can instantly play Control, with no need to download. The best part of the offer is that it is accessible on PC or mobile devices, and there is no download for the game, and no need to subscribe.

Control AT&T

Credit @ Remedy Entertainment

AT&T customers can now play the cloud-streamed version of Control Ultimate Edition on their browser, which uses the white-label version of Google’s Stadia technology. Now, with Control Ultimate Edition, it marks the second title from AT&T and Google to be powered by what the two are calling Immersive Streaming for Games. The game is AT&T’s first to offer a link-through experience on its mobile devices, for both iPhone and Android.

AT&T announced today that its users can play 505 Game’s Control Ultimate Edition for free, with the game streaming straight to their web browser. Control is the second experience that AT&T offers using Google’s Stadia technology. AT&T is bringing that type of tech by using Google’s Immersive For Games technology. Google unveiled Googles Immersive Streaming for Games at the Game Developers Summit in March, more than a month after Business Insider reported the company was taking its eye off of Google Stadia in order to strike deals with other companies, such as AT&T, for using a B2B cloud gaming service using the underlying technology behind Stadia.

Control AT&T

Credit @ Remedy Entertainment

What makes cloud gaming even easier with Google’s Immersive Stream for Games is the fact it is combined with 5G connectivity, so players can play games on their phones anywhere without being connected to WiFi. Their demo for tap-to-play takes the game industry a step further by allowing players to experience the title before making a large purchase or signing up for another subscription service. Play Now, available for post-paid customers, lets gamers play games on phones, tablets, and PCs without any extra fees.

Game streaming services like Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now are capable of handling super-high-level gameplay rendering, which allows gamers to play games with heightened fidelity for the price of a subscription. We are seeing an expansion of “click-to-play” games outside of the computer screen, as networks such as AT&Ts 5G are capable of providing AAA games at high-fidelity performance on a phone in your pocket. Adding mobile gameplay to click-to-play is all part of our mission to be the best connection provider in America, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.

AT&T hopes that it will drive publishers to leverage the combination of 5G connectivity and cloud streaming technologies to provide time-limited sessions for direct gameplay from search results going forward. A February report indicated that Google may be reversing course and adapting technology, taking that tech into services and looking for streaming options. It marks the second time that AT&T and Google have combined forces, giving the former cellphone customers access to a core experience at no additional cost.



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