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EasePDF Review & Pricing 2020

Looking for a PDF converter that’s suitable for you and also easy to use? With the widespread use of PDF, we can see more and more PDF-related tools both online and offline. As long as we search on Google, hundreds of PDF tools will emerge, but are these tools really suitable for us? Today, we will talk about a popular online PDF converter – EasePDF. Let’s check if it can be your best choice when you want to work with PDF files.

Plenty of Features

EasePDF Homepage

EasePDF is an online PDF converter, so you can use any device that can be connected to the Internet, and then go to the EasePDF website through a browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. When you come to the homepage of EasePDF, you will see 15 different tools listed here, including tools for interchanging PDF and other file formats, as well as some tools for editing PDFs such as Compress PDF. But these are just 15 of them. You can get more tools by clicking All PDF Tools in the upper right corner, such as Add Page Numbers, Unlock PDF and Add Watermark.

Supports Multiple Cloud Storing Platforms

EasePDF Compress PDF

In the Internet era, most users will have their own cloud storage tools, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. In order to facilitate users to upload and download files, EasePDF integrates these three platforms, users can directly upload and download files through the corresponding buttons. It is also possible to upload and download files from and to your local computer. If you only have the URL link of the file, do not download it, you can also upload the file by copying and pasting the address.

Strong Encryption

Many users will worry that those online PDF converters are unsafe to use, and will leak their personal information, so they are more inclined to use desktop (and also do not need Internet) software. But in fact, sometimes online tools are more secure. Because they will focus more on security, most will have their own methods to protect users’ privacy. EasePDF uses a 256-bit SSL Encryption to protect our privacy, which means that our personal information is safe. What’s more, after your files are downloaded, the server will automatically delete all your files within 24 hours. You can enjoy the services without worry.


We believe it is an issue that everyone will pay attention to, so do we. But first of all, we have to understand that price doesn’t mean everything. The cheap one doesn’t mean bad experience, and the expensive one is not necessarily good. It all depends on our needs. EasePDF is currently free to use, there are no limits on the times of use, and there are no limits on file size, but we do not recommend uploading large files (larger than 100M) to prevent failure.

What We Want to Say

EasePDF Logo

In summary, EasePDF can provide multiple tools that can meet our needs and user-friendly settings, and the price is currently free, so we recommend that you to have a try if you are looking for a suitable PDF software. Please believe our judgment, you will like EasePDF. It may not be known as other tools, but it is the most user-friendly one.



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