Wave Energy Harnessed For Renewable Energy Generation

Electricity through Waves: A Brand New Option for Energy
Wave Energy to be the Next Big Thing

Our massive dependence on fossil fuels and other non renewable sources of energy could prove to be detrimental in the near future. Sustainable and renewable sources of energy are now desired and implemented more and more in our daily lives. Researchers and engineers are trying out different options available in order to develop sources of renewable energy. One such option available is ‘wave power’, which contains massive amount of untapped potential to produce renewable energy.

One such operation is taking place at the Port of Jaffa, Israel. This is a joined project between Eco Wave Power, an Israel based wave energy firm and EDF Renewables. The preparation work for this project was commenced by clearing relevant sections of the sea wall, removing cement and adding steel rebars to provide strength for the floaters. Another layer of cement was added to provide necessary support for the installation of floaters.

This joint project between Eco Wave Power and EDF Renewables will deploy 10 floaters connected to a conversion unit. To provide smooth access, operation and maintenance the unit is designed to be located on land. Both the companies have secured an engineering coordination permit from the Municipality of Tel-Aviv Jaffa. This project is also co-funded by the Israeli Energy Ministry.

The founder and CEO of Eco Wave Power, Inna Braverman said, “We have previously finalized the assembly of our conversion unit and now moving forward to the most exciting part of our project, which is the installation works. We cannot wait to finalize the floaters production and installation of the whole array, which will enable us to send clean electricity from sea waves to the Israeli national electrical grid for the very first time.”

Eco Wave Power has done many remarkable things when it comes to energy efficient projects. The company’s mission is to assist in the fight against climate change by enabling commercial power production from ocean and waves. The Solar Impulse Foundation has declared the company as an “Efficient Solution”. The Israeli Ministry of Energy has bestowed the title of “Pioneering Technology” to this company.

Eco Wave Power aims to produce clean and affordable electricity from ocean and sea waves using simple and smart design. The company is a pioneer in its sector having operated the only grid connected wave energy array in the world. Recently, the company has also won the Global Innovation Award under the ‘Life Under Water’ category for the year 2021 at the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. Eco Wave Power has also been recognized by the United Nations, which felicitated the company with the “Climate Action Award”.

This project is bound to be beneficial in order to provide sustainable, clean and renewable form of energy. The most phenomenal feature about wave energy is that it’ll never run out. The waves will never run out and also do not require any special input or human intervention in their formation process. All these factors make it one of the best forms of energy to be utilized.

There are no harmful byproducts generated through wave energy. The energy can be harnessed directly and put to use. Along with its technological expertise and vast amount of experience in this field Eco Wave Power could present some pleasantly surprising results through this project in the near future.