Elon Musk announces bringing verification to Twitter blue users and Dogecoin payments

Elon Musk announces bringing verification to Twitter blue users. He has recently become a member of the board of directors after acquiring a 9% stake in the company. After this association with Twitter, many are expecting a complete overhaul of the current standards of the platform. It is expected that Elon will address all major issues and bring features that users have been wanting for a long time. However, his recent announcements were totally new and exciting updates for Twitter.


The authentication mark for Twitter blue users

Elon Musk tweeted just a while ago that whoever gets subscribed to Twitter blue should get authenticated and a checkmark. These verification signs wouldn’t be the same as the blue tick that public figures and corporations get on the platform. It’s smart on Elon’s side to understand that a simple authentication checkmark could push many more users toward using the paid version of the platform. This feature could also help distinguish between bots and real users much easier. However, it would be interesting to see how Twitter handles bot accounts that try to get the verified checkmark using Twitter blue.

Elon Musk announces bringing verification to Twitter blue users
Elon Musk | Image Source: Business Insider India

There are several other advantages of using Twitter blue as well. Firstly, the 20 second edit time is amazing, which allows you to fix a mistake quickly. Secondly, the Twitter blue feed is ad-free, allowing users to control what they want to see or read on the platform. Other than this, many new features often arrive on Twitter blue first. For example, the NFT profile picture option.

Dogecoin payments

Elon Musk is also considering the option of bringing Dogecoin payments to pay for Twitter Blue. When he said that users paying a $3/month fee should get a verified checkmark, an Argentinian user replied. He requested Elon Musk to make the cost cheaper for Argentina. to this, Elon said that it would be proportionate to the local currency and affordability of the nation and maybe even pay in Dogecoin. This might be big news for the community and push the price of Doge higher.

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