Twitter Sued By A Dutch Town (Image Credits; Investopedia)
Twitter Sued By A Dutch Town (Image Credits; Investopedia)

Elon Musk explains rules to follow Twitter

On Monday, Elon Musk posted a group of rules to be followed on Twitter, adding that the directives will, however, ‘evolve over time.’ Musk tweeted on the social media platform’s website, “Twitter rules will evolve over time, but they’re currently the following.”

Elon Musk sends yet another notice trying to terminate the Twitter deal
Elon Musk brings a change in Twitter rules

The guidelines are largely similar to what they have always been. However, there seems to be an addition: ‘Misleading and Deceptive Identities,’ which come under the ‘Authenticity’ section. Overall, the rules are divided into five sections, which are ‘Safety,’ ‘Privacy,’ ‘Enforcement and Appeals,’ and ‘Third-party advertising in video content.’

Elon Musk vs Twitter
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The Tesla SpaceX CEO, who took over the company in October in a $44 billion deal. However, since the acquisition, he has already declared updates to at least two Twitter rules: a monthly subscription fee ($7.99) for accounts with blue tick verification badges (earlier, verification was for free), and permanent suspension of parody accounts – without any warning – if it is not specifically stated that they are parody handles.

This update was announced earlier yesterday.
This move came in after the suspension of a parody handle impersonating Musk, the billionaire investor executive did not mention any instance in his post.