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Elon Musk hits the $300 billion net worth record!

Elon Musk has hit yet another record and is back making headlines yet again. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO now holds the record of being the world’s first person to cross the $300 million net worth. It seems like Musk is nowhere near slowing down and he is adding more gems to his already loaded and rather an attractive crown. His net-worth crossed $300 billion after a $10 billion surge in his fortunes due to a spike in Tesla shares. Musk hitting the $300 billion record is quite in line with Microsoft regaining the title of the world’s most valuable company. Elon Musk had already made news as he became the world’s richest person and now, this $10 billion surge has added yet another icing to the cake. As of Thursday, Musk’s net worth is a whopping $302 billion, as per the Bloomberg Billionaires’ Index.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk


With a massive net worth of $302 billion, the tech mogul has set the standards quite high for the rest. The significant $10 billion surges which led to Musk hitting the record was because of a rise in the shares of Tesla, recorded on Thursday. The spike in shares was after Tesla signed a major deal with Hertz. As per the deal, Hertz is all set to buy 100,000 0f Tesla’s vehicles. Now that is a rather big number, and it is well reflected on the share surge as well. With this record, Elon Musk once again leaves behind Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder who still remains to be the second-richest person. At present, Musk’s net worth is $100 billion more than that of Bezos’. The last time Musk made a win over Bezos, he sent a virtual silver medal glazed with sarcasm and irony. However, this time there hasn’t been any news of any medal exchange between the two. But it doesn’t need much effort to discern that this is a rather serious case of “sour grapes” for Bezos particularly in the context of the neck-to-neck competition.

It was also a significant time for Microsoft as it regained its “world’s most valuable company” title with a market cap of $2.46 trillion. This was following a slump in the shares of Apple by about 4 percent bringing the overall value of the company down to $2.41 trillion. This is the first time in the last two years, Microsoft has managed to outrun Apple.

Coming back to Musk, his net worth is now more than the GDP of whole nations like Egypt, Greece, Portugal, etc. Now that is indeed something commendable. His net worth is also above the market value of the company he co-founded, PayPal.



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