Elon Musk jokes about the Twitter’s next board meeting

Elon Musk appears to be looking forward to Twitter’s next board meeting and assures us that it will be a blast. Musk tweeted a meme days after announcing his appointment to Twitter’s board of directors, indicating that he will be smoking pot at the meeting. This is, obviously, a joke.

Here are some responses to the tweet –







The popular microblogging site introduced the much-anticipated edit button shortly after Musk was named to the board. Musk is thought to have been behind the addition of the edit option, which Twitter had previously avoided. In fact, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey predicted that the network would never acquire an edit button. However, the tables have now flipped, and the much-anticipated feature is on its way.

The edit option has raised a number of issues on the social networking platform. The company believes that rolling out the edit option should be done with caution, as some people may abuse it to change posts and misinform people. One of the solutions being considered by Twitter is to display the edit history.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO recently bought a 9.2 percent interest in Twitter, making him the company’s largest stakeholder. Many were taken aback by the move, given he had only recently complained against the platform’s lack of free expression. He was also seen on Twitter asking Twitter followers if they thought he should start a new social media platform where people could share their thoughts. Many Twitter users urged Musk buy the company at that time. That’s most likely where Musk got the notion to join Twitter.