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Elon Musk loses $15 billion, Jeff Bezos richest person again.

Elon Musk loses $15 billion- the days for Elon Musk to sit on the chair of the world’s richest person didn’t really last for so long after all. Tesla Inc. shares faced a surge slap of 8.6% on Monday which in turn washed away $15.2 billion from his net worth. Currently, Jeff Bezos is back on the throne again.

Tesla’s decrease was energized to a limited extent by Musk’s remarks throughout the end of the week that the costs of Bitcoin and more modest adversary Ether “do seem to be high.” His message – by means of his supported vehicle of Twitter – came fourteen days after Tesla declared it has added $1.5 billion in Bitcoin to its accounting report.

The two tycoons have been trading places this year as the estimation of Tesla vacillated. Musk momentarily surpassed Bezos after his rocket organization SpaceX raised $850 million recently, esteeming the organization at $74 billion, a 60% hop from August

Here are some memes for the richest man fight between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos




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