Elon Musk makes visitors at Twitter HQ wait for hours, watches YouTube videos during meetings

With each passing day, Elon Musk and his ways of running companies are turning distinctively strange. Quite often, the billionaire has been questioned about the way he is running his recently acquired company Twitter. Musk, as per photos circulating on the internet, has turned office space into bedrooms, so that employees can work round the clock and make Twitter 2.0 profitable. A new report now suggests that Musk’s behavior towards people who come to visit him at Twitter headquarters is as weird as it can get.

According to a from the Washington Post and the Business Insider, Musk often makes visitors at Twitter HQ wait for hours before they can meet him. It is said, even if the new Twitter boss is in office, Musk makes visitors coming to meet him wait for more than an hour to speak with him.

Now, what’s even more weird is that Musk sometimes watches YouTube videos during the meetings. The report also suggests that visitors who come to meet Musk are made to wait in the 10th floor conference room at Twitter HQ and are often told not to speak before Musk does.
With passing days, the new CEO is making Twitter a tough workplace for employees. The billionaire has randomly fired employees. In fact, there were times Musk fired some people for questioning his decision. One time when Musk fired a Twitter employee publically on the social media platform and the billionaire seemed to be proud of his decision. Some past reports also revealed that Musk fired employees chatting against him and his decisions on internal Slack groups.