Elon Musk planning to build private airport in Austin – Report

An online news portal on Sunday reported that richest person in the world, Elon Musk is planning to build an airport on his own.

The news information was reported by Teslarati. Teslarati which is based in California, USA is a multi platform news company which focuses on subjects such as Tesla, SpaceX and other similar ventured owned and affiliated to billionaire Elon Musk.

The reports suggest that the alleged private airport of Elon Mus is planning to be built somewhere near Austin in state of Texas.

Austin which is the state capital of Texas is also one of the largest cities in the state. Out of several airports in the city, one of the airport similar to what is being planned is Austin Executive Airport which was opened in 2011. The airport which is situated at an elevation of more than 180 metres is using two runways to help cater needs of both general and business aviation.

Even though there hasn’t been much information revealed regarding the project, the proposed private airport is reportedly coming up near Bastrop in East of Austin.

An airport at Bastrop, which is just half an hour drive from Austin would make things easier for Elon Musk and his affiliated business entities.

Though the reports states that there is no information regarding timing or exact location, the sources of the news agencies confirm the fact that the project has been conceptualized and the preliminary works have begun.

Even if the report is completely true, Elon Musk will have to tug through various regulations, laws and rules to come up with a private airport in Austin.

All large scale construction such as airport and all need prior permission of agencies and regulators such as Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America and Federal Aviation Administration.

Federal Aviation Administration or popularly known as FAA, comes under US Department of Transport and is responsible for regulating all kinds of civil aviation matters in the United States.

Acquiring land for an airport would also be big challenge as the proposed one is planned to be a private one.

The Austin Executive Airport has tota area of more than 500 acres while another major airport in Austin, Austin–Bergstrom International Airport, which is also largest airport in the area is situated at an area of more than 4000 acres.

In December 2021, Tesla has announced that it was changing the headquarters of the automobile manufacturer from Palo Alto in California to 13101 Harold Green Road in Austin, Texas. There was a Tesla Gigafactory already situated in the place.