Elon Musk tweets interaction twitter accounts low
Elon Musk tweets interaction twitter accounts low

Elon Musk tweets interaction on twitter accounts are low, attracts strong replies

Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, on Saturday took to Twitter to ask a question to his followers regarding the decline in interactions of accounts on Twitter.

He wrote in his personal account, “Interaction with almost all Twitter accounts seem to be much lower in recent weeks & days. Accurate?”. Even though no one clearly understood what he meant to what were his intentions in the tweet, the tweet gathered a lot of mixed reactions and replies from his followers on the social networking app.

While one Twitter user wrote “True that” as a reply to the tweet, another user tweeted “Nah, Elon. We’re just actively ignoring you. Besides, are you so vain that you measure your life in degrees of Twitter interaction?”

A blue tick user named Chen Weihua (陈卫华)(@chenweihua) tweeted in a reply to the tweet by Elon Musk that the social networking company has been following a very discriminatory policy against Chinese accounts and especially Chinese journalists. He added that because of this discrimination, Elon Musk should cancel the acquisition deal with Twitter as soon as possible.

It is to be assumed that the Chinese user who is claiming to be a journalist hasn’t yet heard the news regarding Elon Musk backing out from the twitter deal and the issue is a lawsuit now in US court.

Another user named Angela Belcamino (@AngelaBelcamino) who claims to be an actor and activist came out in support of Elon’s tweet that interactions on Twitter accounts has been coming down. She wrote in a reply, “Last month I had 9 million profile visits. This month I only have 3.5 million profile visits. Maybe because I’m no longer verified? However, I concur, interaction is lower. Twitter is a hot mess.”

One user named Alex Becker 🍊🏆🥇 (@ZssBecker) asked Elon Musk to pay up the price he offered (to be assumed he is referring to 44 billion for buying shares in Twitter) and get on with it.

A user named Rob Neurotic tweeted a simple sentence to prove that Elon Musk was wrong. He tweeted, “It’s been pretty active on subjects that I follow, maybe it’s just the megalomanic and world domination areas that have slowed a bit.”

Rob Neurotic was allegedly referring to past tweets by SpaceX founder and CEO, Elon Musk regarding world domination, AI and closing Mars.

Lavern Spicer, who is a GOP Congressional candidate, replied to Elon Musk’s tweet about low accounts interaction, by saying that the reason for the same is that he offered to buy Twitter and then backed out of the deal.