Elon Musk says Tesla owners don’t abide by the NDA to share fewer videos

Elon Musk says the people don’t listen and abide by the NDA to share fewer videos. Also adds that Tesla probably doesn’t need an NDA. This is in reference to the self-driving feature, many customers share their experiences through video online. Though many times the faults are also being pointed out, Musk seems to take that in a positive way.

Elon Musk's Two-Word Tweet On Tesla's India Plan
Image credits- NDTV

Musk said during the 2021 Code Conference, “There’s a lot of videos shared. I don’t know why there’s an NDA. We probably don’t need it.” Further added, “People don’t seem to listen to me. Just ignore it anyway.”

Tesla drivers are made to sign an NDA as they are given access to the full self-driving feature. Currently, the people who opt for the FSD feature, are shown the NDA form. It says, “Do remember that there are a lot of people that want Tesla to fail; Don’t let them mischaracterize your feedback and media posts,”

Also, the NDA form says that the Beta testers can’t speak with the media and they should “share on social media responsibly and selectively.. consider sharing fewer videos and only the ones that you think are interesting or worthy of being shared.”

There are videos in the past, showing how drivers test the software, try some tricks, and make sure to run the vehicle without the driver’s attention. It prompts the other FSD users to try and keep themselves in dangerous situations.

Tesla FSD videos going viral

More often the Tesla FSD Videos have gone viral when the software messes up. Only some Tesla users who have been using the vehicles were long, continue to share good videos. So far the company was able to continue and go ahead with the updates. However, as the company is planning for a Canada launch, the rules and regulations may limit them as the viral videos wouldn’t particularly support the software.

On the other hand, Elon Musk or Tesla generally encourages users to test the features. Elon Musk is seen to tweet on Twitter about the features for which the vehicle is not ready. Many times, Tesla news and websites state how attentive the driver must be while using FSD features. But many of these things are left unnoticed.

In a way, it is beneficial for other users that Tesla users do not abide by the NDA. Else knowing the improvements would have been hard without opting for it.