Elon Musk talks about SpaceX’s Mars project

SpaceX’s Mars project is going to be the next big thing in Space. Elon Musk says their goal is to make a city on the planet by 2050 that can sustain itself. He also talked about the acid test that means “If the ships from Earth stop coming from any reason, does Mars die out?” Talking about his targets and his aims for Mars, Musk conveyed a lot to Robert Zubrin in an interview.

5 Points made by Elon Musk about SpaceX’s Mars project

There are a lot of factors to count when planning to build a sustainable city on another planet. Talking about how they can achieve this and what it will take to do so, Musk made some very clear points:

1. The acid test

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He talked about “The acid test”. This means that will Mars be able to sustain itself if it stops receiving shipments from Earth. The test becomes important because if Mars stays dependent on Earth then the fate of both planet and humanity will be in danger.

2. How Mars can become sustainable?

SpaceX's Mars project
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After talking about “The acid test” he also told that they need at least a million people on the plant to make it sustainable. At the same time, they will be needing 1 million ton on Mars too. This is going to take some time because 1 million tons on Mars means 5 million tons in lower earth orbit. But, the capacity of all rockets on Earth is 500 tons.

3. Starship

SpaceX's Mars project
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Elon said, “I’m 80 to 90 per cent that we will reach orbit with Starship next year. I think probably 50 per cent confident we’ll be able to bring the ship and the booster back.”

4. High volume flights

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To make SpaceX’s Mars project a reality, there is a huge need for high volume flights to become a thing. Musk says they will start high-volume flights in 2022. They are also planning to demonstrate an unmanned Mars mission in 2024 and refuelling of rockets in lower-earth orbit.

5. Connectivity in Mars

SpaceX's Mars project
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If you know about the Starlink then you probably have an idea of how it plans to bring internet to all over the planet. Well, Musk says once Mars project becomes a reality he would totally go for doing a Starlink in mars too. And provide connectivity between the planet and Earth.

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