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Elon Musk verified Twitter profile does a $500k scam

Yes, an Elon Musk verified profile caused a $500k scam on Twitter. It was not Elon Musk’s personal account but a verified account with a different username but the same display name. Remember when Elon tweeted “Dojo 4 Doge”, a Twitter user replied to it with an offer no one could reject. I hope people understood that it was too good to be true. Let’s take a look at the offer.

The $500k Twitter scam

On the Tweet Elon made, a user replied that if anyone is willing to make money, this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. People can send him Bitcoins to the given address, and they will get back double. But as we know of it, no one has received anything as of now, nor will they in the future. For users that are new to the platform and haven’t heard about such scams, it is easy to get swayed by tweets from verified profiles.

One such individual who lost a hefty amount was a follower of Musk. When he saw the blue tick on the profile and the name Elon Musk, without much thought, he sent out 10 Bitcoins to the address. Infact, that was the maximum allowed and since he thought it was Musk himself so he transferred everything he got. 10 Bitcoins worth $500k that could have doubled in this year. After he did send it out, the man realised what blunder he committed and was devasted at what happened with him.

The individual told BBC that after he realised everything, he threw his head on the sofa, and his heart was beating hard. He very well threw away the entire future of his family. After calming down a bit, the man went to his wife, who was sleeping, and told her the mistake that he did.

How to stay safe on social media?

$500k scam

With everything going online and the ease with which we can send and receive money, such scams are becoming more common. And so it is important to know how to stay safe from them. Always remember that if an offer sounds too good to be true, then it’s not. In fact, if any offer needs you to send money in advance to make money, then it is a scam. Also, remember that it is very well possible that accounts of big personalities like Musk get hacked, and used for such scams.

Things like that have happened in the past and could happen again. So, it’s not just that if the tweet is coming from a verified original account, it could be true. Be cautious and stay away from any quick money-making schemes. Just remember, nothing comes easy. If you want money, you will need to work hard for it.

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