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Elon Musk’s latest tweet has got Twitter excited

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Twitter is to Elon Musk what a sword is to a warrior. He moves it this way and that, and it causes a rustle. Well more than a rustle but definitely less than bloodshed thankfully. Twitter is not new to Musk’s tendency to tweet out of the blue the most bizarre things, or perhaps he is just too wise for all of us. However, Musk’s latest tweet has brought the Mars conversation back into focus. Take a look at his latest tweet.

We don’t know if humanity will reach Mars in our lifetime. But the tweet has definitely got humanity, or a good majority of them excited. As usual, it is reflected in the ceaseless replies and responses to his tweet. After all, how can an active Twitter user keep calm when Musk tweets.

This Lifetime Or That

Elon Musk and his Mars discourse are not anything novel. In fact, Musk has actually managed to normalize the possibility of a Mars trip despite the obvious superficiality of that possibility. And then again, another question to be asked is what according to Musk is the definition of “humanity.” Because some humans might be of the opinion that a few privileged wealthy humans alone do not constitute humanity. For now, let us see what humans actually feel about the recent tweet of the world’s richest man.

Now that is some on-point optimism right there. To be honest, it doesn’t really make a difference my friend.

Now that is a very serious question indeed!

Hope is not a bad thing

They will probably start using Twitter.

I am not laughing. No.

Sarcasm on point.

That’s called keeping your hopes bright.

Well, not a bad idea honestly.

More like “Expectations”

For some reason, it doesn’t look that distant.

Crucial questions are being asked.

Valid point.

Doesn’t look like he will mind if you tag along.

Talk about reality checks.

Now that is considerate, isn’t it?

Wrapping up with a morsel of wisdom.




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