Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash
Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash

Email Hygiene: What You Must Do Before Sending Out Emails

When you compose an email, what do you typically do? How do you feel about your customers? Is it a charm to your subscribers? Alternatively, could you try sending an email? Do you know how many active and inactive subscribers you have? What about the cleanliness of your email list? You’re right, of course! You invest a lot of time putting up an intriguing email that is likely to pique your reader’s interest.

You’re likely to worry about things like this because you want to engage & communicate with your subscribers to win their trust- have them purchase your goods or service at some point in the future.

Email Marketing is the most proficient one when it comes to digital marketing. Marketing Charts have verified this. Email marketing has emerged as the most successful marketing strategy in Singapore, according to a study done in September 2014. According to data, Singapore has the most significant internet penetration rate in Southeast Asia. As a result, emails addressed to the country’s residents are more likely to be opened. For your email marketing, email creation is a must.

Imagine you’re getting ready to roll out an email marketing campaign. While the marketing automation software was already running, your mailing list was ready. Your email was still in the oven; you scrambled to write an email in time for the campaign’s debut, which was just around the horizon. What a waste of time it was! The outcomes were a complete let-down. Nobody even bothered to look at the email you sent them. The campaign didn’t work out.

Emails are a great way to get your point across to your readers. And if you don’t get it right, all of your hard work will waste. Do you know how you can tell when your email is ready to go out? Before you send an email, here is a brief checklist:

The topic matter must be intriguing.

You may think of your email’s subject line as its front door. First and foremost, your subscriber will be able to see this. This feature predetermines open email rates. According to a Litmus and Fluent poll, 34% of respondents opened emails solely based on the subject line. If the subject line of your email is too generic, it is unlikely that it will be opened. It’s also a good idea to run an email header analyzer tool before starting your campaign to make sure your emails’ security compliances are on point.

A broken link

Your email is tailored to meet your specific objective. A link must be clicked or tapped to achieve this aim, and your goal is to get the reader to attend a webinar. Because of this, you decide to develop an email campaign around it. As a result, you deliberately inserted a link to a webinar after your email.

Is there anything you can do if the link you provided with the email fails? Your objective is within your reach. Is that so? As a result, you must double-check any links you provide in your email. Check to see whether it’s broken. You should be able to track the number of clicks on your ad by using the appropriate tracking software.

A broken image

You should always check your email for pictures your mailing clients may have banned. Is it possible to send images through the email client of the recipient? You must help your reader understand what you’re trying to communicate with or without photographs.

Check for any potential mistakes in the grammar, spelling, or typography.

Nobody is perfect. This is why it’s essential to examine your email’s content a second time. You don’t know whether your subscriber is a ‘grammar nazi’ since people might be judgmental. Please make sure there are no typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors in your email before sending it. Because, as with the Templates, it may cause your subscribers to lose faith in you—it may even be the reason for a subscriber’s defection from you.

The following are our final thoughts:

Cleaning up your email list is merely one aspect of email hygiene. There is no need to worry about cleaning up after yourself while composing an email. Use the checklist mentioned above to make sure you’ve checked your email.