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Maximising Student Potential through Data – Aditi Avasthi of embibe Tells Her Story !


Aditi Avasthi, CEO of embibe


Aditi Avasthi‘s journey that led her to setting up embibe has been an enriching one. She feels that the biggest challenge in mass education today is the tendency to underperform or drop out because students are often unable to realise their true potential. embibe’s evolution and growth stems from Aditi’s passion for education and her desire to guide aspirants of massively competitive complex exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT and CET/AIPMT.

Founded in 2012,the flagship brand of Mumbai based company– Indiavidual Learning Pvt Ltd., embibe is now one of the fastest growing and most innovative ed-tech start-ups in the country. It is working to maximise every student’s true potential through the power of data-driven insights. The company today has about 220000 students registered on their website. It recently raised funding worth $4 million from investors Kalaari Capital and venture fund Lightbox.

Measure It Solve It !

One of my mentors once told me that you cannot solve a problem unless you can break it down into units whose performance can be measured. There are a number of companies operating today in the world of online education however the success rate of competitive exams hasn’t seen an increase.

“Only 5% of the students who take IIT JEE exams today score above 30% inspite of $1200 spent on an average on coaching the student outside of school learning. We as a society have been spending a lot of money on making education accessible to our students but haven’t seen the improvement in numbers. So if we focusing only on solving the accessibility problem without really tacking the ROI problem, we are trying to find only half the solution.” says Aditi.

“Think about a car – a number of indicators are telling you all the time about your performance as a driver. In a hospital there are a number of indicators telling you all the time about the patients health. So why is it that when it comes to education, we believe that we can improve performance without actually measuring what is going wrong and where. Using measurement can help you to hyper personalize the feedback and help each and every student improve.This is where tech comes in,” adds Aditi.

Using Technology to Solve the Problem

embibe is a Consumer Tech Data Analytics company with a focus on  ‘Science of Scoring’ that has built its value proposition around the actual problem. Leveraging a crossroads of data science and technology with education, embibe addresses the gaps in exam preparation. It optimises its highly-sophisticated analytics engine and helps students in making learning a priority rather than expending energy over exam stress. It is also the only platform which invites all stakeholders – students, parents and mentors to collaborateand work towards improving exam scores

embibe’s revolutionary actionable analytics engine has been designed to capture exact student weaknesses centered around critical performance metrics like speed, accuracy, time management, attempt planning, stamina. It also addresses psychological factors like confidence.

Technology not only helps the company analyze performance of students but also helps achieve scale. Embibe is therefore able to offer services at a much lower cost than what the traditional tutors have been able to afford.With embibe, students today are seeing a 23% improvement in their scores.

The company is currently working on adding a number of features to their product. Ramping up their web products, reaching consumers through different channels are some of the top priorities for the company through the use of technology.The tech team that was behind developing Flipkart is working with embibe to create a platform that will achieve massive scale in times to come.

About Chief Embiber -Aditi

Aditi Avasthi, 32, more popularly known as ‘Chief Embiber’ is the founder and CEO of Indiavidual learning – a Mumbai-based ed-tech start-up. embibe’s evolution and growth stems from Aditi’s passion for education and her love for learning. It is her desire to inculcate a similar zeal for academic excellence amongst students in India which led to the inception of embibe.

Aditi believes that the biggest challenge in mass education today is the tendency to underperform or drop out because students are often unable to realise their true potential. Data Analystics and an intelligent recommendation engine were her answer to the best way of guiding aspirants of massively competitive complex exams (MCCE). She feels this dual combination can and already is revolutionising the way high-stakes competitive exams preparation are approached in emerging markets.

Aditi was recently featured in Fortune India’s “40 under 40”, March 2015 edition. She was mentioned amongst the most influential young people in the country who are creating a true disruption through technology and innovation. This is a reflection of her success story and the significant contributions she will continue to make in the Indian education space.

An engineer herself, Aditi also has an MBA from the prestigious Booth School of Business in Chicago. She garnered experience and profound professional knowledge in diverse fields such as marketing, product innovation and mobile commerce, across 4 continents including Africa. She has also headed top projects with globally-renowned companies such as Siemens, TCS and Barclays, before setting off on the path of entreprenurship.

If not empowering young minds to storm India’s highest institutes of educational excellence, Aditi would have been writing about food and travel or would be climbing a volcanic mountain in an unexplored part of the world.

Aditi believes that there are more advantages of being a woman entrepreneurs than setbacks “As a woman, you are naturally able to multitask.That helped me a lot in my job. in India today we are seeing a lot of male and female entrepreneurs and that s a very very good trend, ” feels Aditi.




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