Employees turn to Linkedin for help after Microsoft Layoffs

The multinational software company, Microsoft announced a few hours ago that it will lay off nearly 10000 employees by the company by end of the third quarter. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Microsoft stated that it is planning to optimize its business strategies by reallocation of resources and redrawing priority areas.

Various news reports also stated that several employees belonging to Azure would lose their jobs as part of the latest layoffs at Microsoft. Azure is a cloud computing service managed and owned by an American software company.

Due to the severe economic crises prevailing around the globe, various major tech economies decided to cut their workforce in large numbers. Along with reducing expenses and the cost of operations, the companies are planning to bring significant changes in the way they do business.

Numerous employees of Microsoft who got impacted by mass layoffs are now taking to the professional social networking site LinkedIn to say what happened and requesting users to refer them for some Jobs related to their field of expertise.

Connor Mclemore who was working at Microsoft as a software engineer since September 2021 lost his job in the latest layoffs. He posted on LinkedIn that he was open for work and requested employers o reach out if there are any available positions.

Another employee at Microsoft, Ken Smith, who was a senior product manager and worked with the company for more than 9 years got laid off from the company. He wrote that on the social platform needed that “it’s been a rollercoaster kind of day” and “Please let me know if you hear of any leads or have contacts that can help.”

Eric Wahlquist who worked as Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, Industry Solutions at the company wrote that he is officially a free agent and is open to working as Marketing Manager, Creative Director, Communications Manager Event Manager, and Media Producer.

Jemma Mills who worked as a Senior PM at Microsoft wrote that not only did she lose her job but her US visa status was also impacted by the latest layoffs.

John Emrick who worked with Microsoft for nearly 6 years posted on the platform that he is now looking for his next role in some company.

Anh Chu, a software engineer holding an H1B visa posted that she lost her job in the layoffs at Microsoft and that she only has 60 days to find a new employer that provides H1B sponsorship.

Noelle Banks who is working at Microsoft as a Talent Sourcer for the past 1 year said that he was heartbroken to be part of the 10000 workers who to laid off from the software company.

Another game developer, Trenton Robinson said that he is looking for jobs in VFX and several other fields.

Lauren Szymanski who worked as a licensing coordinator at Bethesda Softworks lost her job as part of the latest layoff announced at Microsoft. Bethesda Softworks is a subsidy of Xbox Games Studio owned by Microsoft.

Harsha S said that he is one of the employees impacted by Microsoft’s layoffs and that he “really enjoyed working with the people and culture at Microsoft.”