End of Elon’s supremacy over Twitter? Poll said Yes!
Musk held a poll on December 19, 2022, and the results were in favor of users who want him to "step down as the head of Twitter."

Yes, it is! Elon Musk recently polled the audience to decide whether they wanted him to quit his role as CEO of the microblogging platform. It was anticipated that Musk would probably lose the poll since the results were negative for Musk.


More than 57% of the audience responded “yes,” offering Musk little room to defend his “ownership.” Since the day he bought the social media platform, the owner of Twitter has been a hot topic of discussion. Twitter has experienced everything, including major layoffs and significant policy changes. Musk, however, has shown that it is not the end!

Elon Musk asked users whether they wanted him to ‘step down as Twitter head’. Now that he has lost the poll with people wanting him to quit, the question arises whether Musk would really do so (Photo Credits: Twitter/@elonmusk)

Musk held a poll on December 19, 2022, and the results were in favor of users who want him to “step down as the head of Twitter.”


It will be interesting to find out if Musk was honest about his poll or if he had another strategy to keep the debate going on his “owned” platform. He recently polled Twitter users on whether reporters who had their profiles terminated under the excuse that they had been “doxxed” by them should regain access to their accounts. The majority of individuals said “yes,” to which Musk followed. 


Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that Musk will do so in this specific case. The billionaire sent a handful of cryptic messages soon after the poll went live on Twitter with one of them reading, “Those who want power are the ones who least deserve it” while another one read, “As the saying goes, be careful what you wish, as you might get it.”


Even when raised question, if Musk already had a new CEO in mind, he said, “No one wants the job who can keep Twitter alive. There is no successor.”


Twitter users are still assuming if this would turn true as one of them wrote,Do you trust these poll results?” while another one remarked, “The idea that someone makes decisions on a company he bought for $44b by running a Twitter poll is astonishing.”


Netizens banged Musk for leaving such a big decision in the hands of the masses. “If heads have to step down based on popularity contest then most heads would be out when the markets are bad.” Another ironic comment read, “Imagine if our country was run that way.”


What takes place next depends on Musk and his ‘style’ of accomplishing things which has made Twitter users just talk of ‘Twitter’. Maybe that’s what Musk cares for, but for how long?