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Entrepreneurship Simplified: From Idea to IPO

You have made the big decision. You are going to start a business. You are going to become an entrepreneur. But what’s the plan? How do you do that? From where do you get financial support? How do you proceed? These questions aren’t answered that easily. But you can search for them. Entrepreneurship Simplified: From Idea to IPO is a good way to start. It literally covers the journey from a business idea to initial public offering- where company shares are sold to each individual investor.

Image credits- Livemint

Image credits- Livemint

The process includes validating your idea, raising funds, dealing with VCs, building you business, defining it’s visions and virtues, creating a goal, making money and finally opening it to the public- IPO. And each of the above mentioned steps are discussed in details in the book. Gone are the days of bootstrapping- building a startup with minimum resources. Now you can raise an ample amount of money through the public to build your business as well as develop it to its best.

“The founders’ money comes in on equal terms with the investors’ money with respect to valuation. In a sense you become your own VC with such an approach.”

Image credits- Deccan Chronicle

Image credits- Deccan Chronicle

The book is authored by Ashok Soota, founder and CEO of Happiest minds and SR Gopalan, founder of Dawn Consulting and Bizworth India. Both of them are experts in the field of business and entrepreneurship and have shared their personal experiences and wisdom in the book. They advice you on how to sell your idea with the perfect pitch and then how to develop it. Also, they guide you on how to calculate how much money you require to build your business. This step-by-step guide will definitely help young and aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own successful business with minimal failures and hardships.

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