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eShopbox launches Incubator and Accelerator programs for fashion brands


New Delhi, July 29th, 2015eShopbox, an on-demand e-Commerce enabler extends new services for fashion brands. With the fast paced Fashion e-Commerce growth, the concerns around navigating the issues, formulating the strategy for expansion and marketing of fashion apparel are becoming key factors to drive business. eShopbox has formulated a new approach to enable start-up manufacturers, designers, private labels and established brands to enrich their business.

 “For catering to the needs of Fashion brands at different stages of their business lifecycle, eShopBox is introducing two programs named Incubators for new entrants to Fashion eCommerce and Accelerator for established brands. This would enable new entrants to get a foothold over the market and established brands to enhance their productivity”, Says Mayur Karwa, Co-Founder, eShopbox.

eShopbox has initiated two programs providing a distinctive approach on business insights,  one for start-up manufacturers or designers and the second one focussing on private labels and established brands.

The programs have been explicitly put together as:

Incubators Program

This program was already running with a different name, now it has been rebranded with a new focus and aims at start-up manufacturers, exporters to global fashion brands planning to set up their own fashion label and Fashion designers with pret collections are the focus audience. It would be covering aspects on reducing time to market without much of expansion of existing set-up, market Intelligence to plan and strategize growth and reduce risk, how to focus on doing what they love – designing & production, handholding with retailing insights.

Accelerator Program

The accelerator program focuses on private labels and established brands.  The eShopbox’s team of experts, target to build perfectly customised platform that meets the need of the brands. This program categorically targets on ways and means of improving efficiency, reducing operational cost, scaling up, ensuring customer satisfaction, keeping up with the pace of innovation and other aspects pertaining to stabilizing business growth.

eShopbox team aims at helping brands to establish, optimize business strategies and enhance productivity to sustain and grow in the online fashion industry.

eShopbox is an on-demand e-Commerce technology and services company. They drive e-Commerce for fashion brands and help them provide a unique, brand-centric experience to their customers. eShopbox is led by experts with a rare combination of skill sets including technology, order fulfilment and marketing. The team brings together these qualities and collaborates with emerging brands to deliver rich e-Commerce action.



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