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Ethereum is now more valuable than bitcoin, says Michael Cartwright

Since July 2017, Ethereum has become the world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency. It has surpassed Bitcoin as the most valuable blockchain-based money in recent weeks. Many observers have linked this expansion to a variety of factors, including the NFT mania and rising institutional investor interest. As Ethereum’s popularity grows, we take a look at what this means for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the future.

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The recent bitcoin boom has been nothing short of spectacular. Ethereum is one of the most popular and promising initiatives created on this cutting-edge new platform. The project’s market capitalization has surpassed $2 billion in just a few months, making it one of the highest-valued cryptocurrencies in existence.

Ethereum is one method to play safely in the crypto world

Hundreds of new currencies release every day. Multiple investors are looking for guidance on where to invest their money. While many of these new cryptocurrencies are high-risk/high-reward investments that may or may not yield any profit, Ethereum—which is more than 6x more valuable than Bitcoin and has had its blockchain technology adopted by the world’s leading companies—is one method to play it safe.

Ethereum’s increase has been attributed by many in the blockchain industry to numerous factors, including its expanding institutional acceptance and the NFT craze. With an ever-growing user base, blockchain appears to be here to stay—and few initiatives are better positioned for success than blockchain.

With over $28 billion in circulation today, ETH coins are now more valuable than BTC coins for the first time. Many investors may be wondering what this means going forward for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general. Some analysts say that price charts indicate that we have not seen the last rally from cryptocurrency markets—and many believe it’s only a matter of time until another bull market arises.

CryptoKitties grabbed Ethereum by storm in 2017, becoming one of the blockchain’s most popular use cases. It has thousands of users purchasing different varieties of virtual cats with Ether tokens.

For the first time, ETH coins are now more valuable than BTC coins, with over $28 billion in circulation. Many investors are likely to be asking what this implies for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general in the future. Price charts, according to some analysts, show that we haven’t seen the last rally in cryptocurrency markets. And many feel it’ll only be a matter of time until another bull market emerges.




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