EtherRock NFTs code bug lets anymore mint more without paying a dime

You can now mint an EtherRock NFTs that sold for millions for free due to a code bug. When the developer started the NFT project, he had two codes, one of which turned into EtherRock. And the other one had a lot of bugs and was abandoned by the developer. But now, recently someone revived the old project, which allows minting EtherRocks for free. Considering that the only selling point of the NFTs was the limited quantity means that this bug could ruin its value altogether or will it?

The demand for EtherRocks

EtherRock NFTs code bug

Before this bug showed up, it was only possible for 100 such rocks to exist, making it valuable to many. There are people who paid over $100k for buying these rocks. And these names include the famous Youtuber Logan Paul and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. But now, there will be an abundance of such rocks which will kill the reason why anyone would want to pay millions for these. But there is another angle to this. Well, the original developer of the EtherRock said that the original rocks are numbered 100. And after that, it will be interesting to see if people are willing to pay a good amount of money

Maybe some numbers will fetch a good amount while others won’t. He said that the best part would be to see what the public considers valuable. But the developer thinks it is very unlikely that any free minted rocks will take off.

I still don’t understand why anyone would pay such a huge amount for a jpeg file, no matter how limited in quantity it is. Will you mint EtherRock NFTs for free due to the code bug? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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