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EV charging stations will now charge Rs 6/unit says RERC

While buying an Electric Vehicle, one of the most important things that comes to mind is the vehicle’s charging cost. But now, the Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) has made it very clear at EV charging stations will charge Rs 6/unit from now on. The commission has considered Electric Vehicle owners under a different category of consumers and made the decision. Some other benefits were also announced for the owners of Electric vehicles. Let’s take a look at them.

Announcements made by the RERC

Recently the RERC announced the protocols or the Standard operating procedures for the opening of EV charging stations. The most important announcement was the Rs 6/unit cost that stations can charge from the owners. Plus, the government has also provided a huge relaxation in the permanent fee and reduced it from Rs 135 to Rs 40.

The authorities also mentioned that anyone who charged their vehicles between 11 pm and 6 Am would get another 15% relaxation. These protocols were essential because obviously, you don’t want to get charged crazy high after charging your EV that you already paid a lot for.

Setting up of EV charging stations in Jaipur

EV charging stations

Image Source: Robotics an Anutomation news

According to some reports, the government plans to set up 75 charging stations in Jaipur. Within 7 days, the areas for the setting up of these stations will be decided by the JDA. And the work of setting up these stations will be done by REIL and EESL. The former will setup 54 charging stations, and the rest 21 will be the responsibility of the EESL. Another great thing that the authorities are doing is setup2 types of charging stations, slow and fast. The former will take 6 hours to charge a vehicle, while the latter will take an hour.

The EV chargers are being setup under the “FAME Scheme of department of heavy Industry, Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Government of India “. The government also plans to create awareness regarding the use of EVs and promote their use.

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