EV Maker Rivian to Expand Illinois Manufacturing Factory

Rivian plans to expand its factory prior to its release of R1T deliveries, which are to start by June. Also, plans to have solar panels on the canopy.

Illinois' Vehicle Manufacturing Future to be Shaped
Image credits- Transport Topics

The property purchase 

The EV maker submitted a resolution to get approval on the site plan from Normal’s Town Council. And the 510-acre land plan has two building plans. While one building is to be built on 45,000 square ft. Land. And the other to be on 51,000 square ft. Land. 

Furthermore, it also has an additional 60,000 square ft canopy made especially for Rivian vehicles. The council supported the proposal with 6-0 votes. So the deal is pretty much approved.

Farmland across Rivian Motorway

Rivian already purchased 380 acres of land across Rivian Motorway. Also, the manufacturer petitioned to have the land annexed to the Town of Normal II. As the Town of Normal usually comes as agricultural zoning, Rivian had to submit a special request to redo the policy for the 320-acre land. 

R1t deliveries are yet to start. Their efforts to provide better deliveries include convenience,  touchline delivery, and a generous return policy. With the expansion of the Illinois factory, they will now be able to deliver more cars. 

The R1T deliveries

Rivian plans to personally assist buyers while they purchase Rivian Cars. Considering the pandemic this kind of customer care ensures safety for the customer. As stated by Rivian, 

“For owners in the United States and Canada, our focus will be delivering the R1t or R1t directly to your home for added convenience and comfort- you can ask a Rivian Delivery Specialist for a walkthrough of your new vehicle or explore on your own time through a guided digital orientation. We’ll share more about additional delivery options in your area as we approach production and start accepting orders in early 2021.”

Also, the features of R1t are outstanding. Their return policy includes 7 days or under 1000 miles usage. And had easy repair services through their mobile service. Writing about mobile service they wrote, 

“If your vehicle does not meet your needs, you have 7 days or 1000 miles to return it- whichever comes first. Certain terms and conditions will apply. Simply reach out to your Rivian Guide and start the return policy.” 

Their plans to expand throughout the country require to be able to meet the demand. The new factory expansion ensures the very same. So far this is one of the few EV makers in the country to have such extravagant customer service, besides Tesla.