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EV Scooter Catches Fire in Gujarat
While the cause of this particular incident isn’t known yet, this is the fifth incident of fire related to Pure Energy’s electric scooter.

It seems like the tale of electric scooters isn’t going to be stopping anytime soon as a new chapter has opened with one of them catching ablaze in the state of Gujarat. This time the fire took place on the road in the city of Patan in Gujarat. The electric scooter randomly caught on fire while it was on the road charging after a long journey.

Fortunately, there were no injuries nor any casualties due to the incident. However, the reputation of Pure Energy is slowly being wounded as this incident marks the fifth fire related accident of their scooters which is something that is very concerning.

The fourth incident of the company’s scooters took place last month in Hyderabad. The owner of the electric scooter along with his friend were travelling in the city when the scooter came to a halt all of a sudden. They got out of the electric scooter and tried figuring what was going on which led them to open up the battery compartment to inspect the power, but as they opened it, smoke came out of that compartment and it ended up being engulfed by flames. The owner of the scooter ended up issuing a complaint to the local police according to sources.

pure energy by Business Standard

Over the past two months, Pure Energy had decided to take back around 2,000 of their electric scooters which were in show rooms waiting to be sold to the public. The scooters that were recalled were just 3 of their models, the 7G scooters, EPluto, and ETrance Plus. The 7G scooter is the one that caught ablaze in Hyderabad and Patan. According to various sources, the production of the battery cells of their scooters are not outsourced to any other company meaning that Pure Energy will have to be accountable and bear the brunt of anything that comes their way.

But the question arises, if this is really Pure Energy’s fault or if the basic infrastructure and engineering of battery cells in electric scooter is just fundamentally wrong as many electric scooters of various brands have been catching fire or malfunctioning.

Many people argue that electric vehicles and their batteries especially need to be built and designed in a different way as the Indian weather is too hot and too harsh for the scooters to be sitting out in the open for long periods with no issues. Whatever the issue stems from, for electric scooters to take over the market, this needs to be solved as quickly as possible.



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