Visa's use of crypto-linked cards reach $2.5 billion
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Visa announces Bitcoin cashback cards in Brazil and Argentina

Visa has been working on crypto cards with multiple companies and has launched them in many countries. Now, it’s time for Brazil and Argentina as Visa announces the launch of its Bitcoin cashback cards in those regions. They are partnering with multiple companies to launch these new products, which will be their first offering in Latin America.

Visa’s new Bitcoin cashback cards

Visa is working with several fintech service providers and crypto startups in the Latin American region. Their new products will award users with cashback in Bitcoin for every transaction they make. However, it’s not the first time Visa is partnering with companies in this region. In 2021, they worked with Lemon Cash, Argentina’s crypto exchange, to bring a 2% Bitcoin cashback card to users.

Visa's new Bitcoin cashback cards
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This time they are releasing the cards in Brazil and Argentina. Plus, it is building a new partnership in Argentina with a crypto trading platform called Satoshi Tango for the release of other new products. Coming to Brazil, Visa is working with Alterbank and Zrobank to offer credit cards.

Visa is delving deep into the world of cryptocurrencies. The Senior Vice President of products and innovation at Visa said, “The cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to gain momentum in this region with increased investment, more consumer adoption, and more crypto-enabled usage cases.” So, they are working to help in the use of crypto as a payment method for their customers, partners, clients, and consumers.

Are there benefits to using crypto reward credit cards?

Most crypto cashback credit cards are just like traditional cards with a twist. Like in normal cards, you get a credit limit and have an approval process. However, for using this card, you will receive rewards in cryptocurrencies. Some crypto cards even offer the option to choose between traditional rewards and crypto if that’s what you want.

Until now, such cards have mostly been launched in collaboration with exchanges and crypto platforms. So, users can directly access the reward crypto in their accounts and sell, swap, or transfer them. If you are looking for a good way to accumulate cryptocurrencies passively, then crypto reward credit cards are an option.

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