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EV startup Cell Propulsion raises pre-series A funding

EV startup Cell Propulsion was founded in 2017 by Nakul Kukar, Paras Kaushal and Supratim Naskar. The founders are former ISRO engineers and have the vision to build powertrains for electric buses and other vehicles. Recently. the company announced that they have received a pre-series A funding led by growX ventures, Micelio and Endiya Partners.

Thoughts of the CEO on the company’s vision

EV startup Cell Propulsion

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Nakul Kukar, CEO of the EV startup Cell Propulsion, said, “There are multiple fundamental challenges that have limited the large-scale adoption of electric commercial vehicles. We are focussed on solving these issues to enable seamless fleet electrification and this investment will allow us to obtain all required certifications and begin deploying our solutions. This investment also sets us up for building a strong foundation for the company with a compelling story and vision.”

The company is focused on developing its technology to develop high voltage and high power implementation of tech in EVs. And is also planning to provide kits that can be used to convert normal vehicles to EV’s.

Comments of the investors

Image Source: YourStory

The company has raised estimated funding of $700K yet. One of the top investor Micelio’s founders, Shreyas Shibulal said:

“As ecommerce deliveries continue to surge and with multiple state-level electric vehicle policies aimed at faster adoption of EVs announced recently, Cell Propulsion is well-placed to accelerate the electrification of commercial vehicles in India by reducing the capital and operational expenditure of logistics and public transportation fleets”.

According to Huddle founding partner Ishaan Khosla, they are very excited to see the positivity of the startup. The idea of the transition of normal vehicles to electric using kits fascinated him. He also added, “We’re confident on their forward-looking plans which focus on leveraging the growth of eCommerce, logistics, and public transportation sectors in India”.

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