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Even Though SpaceX is Losing money, Elon Musk Says he will Continue to Support Starlink in Ukraine.

Even though SpaceX is losing money, Elon Musk says he will continue to support Starlink in Ukraine.

A day after claiming it could no longer afford to do so, Elon Musk stated on Saturday that his rocket business SpaceX would continue to pay its Starlink internet service in Ukraine, citing the necessity for “good actions.”

Tweeted by Musk: “hell with it… We will continue to provide free government funding to Ukraine even though Starlink is still losing money and other businesses are receiving billions of taxpayer dollars “.

Image of Elon Musk alongside Starlink dish
Source: Yahoo Finance News

Musk stated on Friday that SpaceX will not be able to support Starlink in Ukraine forever. The programme has aided military personnel and civilians in staying online during the conflict with Russia.

Musk later appeared to suggest that his change of heart was sincere, but it was first unclear whether it was. Musk retorted, “Even so, we should continue do good deeds,” in response to a Twitter user who said, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

The billionaire and Ukrainian authorities have engaged in online arguments over a proposed peace plan that Ukraine claims is overly lenient toward Russia.

In response to a media allegation that SpaceX had asked the Pentagon to pay for the donations of Starlink, he had made his statements on funding on Friday.

A request for comment from SpaceX was not answered. The Pentagon chose not to respond.