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Everything you need to know about Parag Aggarwal

Parag Aggarwal

Parag Aggarwal

Parag Aggarwal is one of the most discussed names on social media right now. The successor of the famous CEO of Twitter has been attaining a lot of spotlight and attention as people are curious to know more about the new CEO of Twitter. Jack Dorsey has already given a thumbs-up to Aggarwal. It is well evident in his words which describe Aggarwal as a person who “deeply understands the company and its needs.” If the reports are to be believed, the company has been preparing for the departure of Dorsey since last year. Parag Aggarwal was the Chief Technology Officer at Twitter before he took over the CEO position from Dorsey.

Who Is Parag Aggarwal?

Although not much is known about the new CEO of Twitter on the personal front, his academic and work records speak of a stellar journey dotted with achievement and success. Well, it is not surprising since it takes a more than ordinary portfolio to get to the top of such a leading company like Twitter. Aggarwal graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay where he studied computer science and engineering, following which he left for Stanford from where he gained his Ph.D. in Computer Science. All his teachers, particularly from the IIT, remember him as a brilliant student with that additional streak of intelligence that set him apart from the rest. This is what Professor Supratim Biswas has to say about his former student, “He did two courses with me and, if I remember correctly, he graduated as the department topper.” It is safe to say that the saga of success which started from school days has only gotten better with time. During the course of his Ph.D., Aggarwal had interned with reputable companies like Microsoft and Yahoo! and AT &T Labs. He completed research in large-scale data management.

Aggarwal’s journey with Twitter started in the year 2011 when he joined the company as a software engineer. And in the year 2017, he was appointed as the Chief Technology Officer at Twitter, during the course of which he brilliantly upheld his responsibility. He was in charge of technical strategy, machine learning, and AI. And now, almost ten years after, Aggarwal is all set to lead the company, hence making it to the prestigious list of Indian-American tech leaders, which includes names such as Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Aravind Krishna, and Shantanu Narayan. Aggarwal is married to Vineeta Aggarwala who is a venture capital investor. They have a son, Ansh.



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