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Evil Dead Sold Over Half A Million Copies In Five Days

Evil Dead, a multi-player, asymmetrical horror video game, was released on May 13. It seems that many people are interested in Ash Williams and his group in the asymmetric multiplayer horror game, Evil Dead The Game. After its first month, it will become a lot more apparent whether Evil Dead, a multiplayer horror game, is indeed an excellent one, as charts will form tracking how popular the game is.

Evil Dead

Credit @ Saber Interactive

Despite fairly middling reviews from critics, the game sold half a million copies within the first five days of release. According to GamesRadar, Evil Dead The Game has sold more than half a million copies already within just five days big figure considering some major triple-A games don’t even come close. After just being released last Friday, the 13th, Evil Dead The Game is now one of the fastest-selling games.

Being a Multiplatform multiplayer game with Crossplaydefinitely helped the sales, but it seems that people are having a blast. The multiplayer horror game managed to outsell Saber Interactive’s previous cooperative zombie shooter, World War Z, in sales.

The sales were revealed at the latest Embracer Group investors presentation, confirming that half a million people had signed up to play the latest asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, released May 13, as – or alongside – series stalwart Ash, completing objectives and taking on the legions of the Dead. Earlier today, the Embracer Group revealed the precise sales numbers for the game after launch via tweet, and things are looking promising.

With the success of the game, Saber Interactive felt that it was in its position to continue supporting the Game in time, which was represented by the fact that the investor recently called the Embracer Groups’ current parent company. The key to Saber Interactive’s success has been maintaining consistent updates, expanding on assassins, and guest appearances from the horror films or from other video games, like a second installment dedicated to Resident Evil. The game lets you play as famous characters from the Evil Dead universe, such as Ash Williams, Scotty, Lord Arthur, Kelley Maxwell, Pablo Simon Bolivar, and others.

As its title suggests, the game is based on all three of the original Evil Dead films created by eponymous director Sam Raimi: about as iconic as a horror movie could possibly get. In March 2013, just prior to The Evil Deads release, Sam Raimi stated the next Evil Dead movie would be Army of Darkness 2. Responsible for propelling actors such as Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi into fame, the Evil Dead film trilogy has achieved iconic status among film fans.



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