Richard Branson and crew

Excitement Surges As Richard Branson And Crew Make History Post Delay.

Richard Branson has finally realized his much-relished dream of space travel. Although bad weather caused a minor delay of about 90 minutes, the space flight did touch the finish line successfully. This milestone move has opened new horizons for commercial space travel, and Virgin Galactic will proudly lead the crowd as it now holds the credit of being the first to step forth. Branson and the team who were planning to embark on the historic voyage late this summer decided to move the dates, thanks to a well-defined competitive spirit. Virgin Galactic thus becomes the very first to touch the finish line leaving behind Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin. Bezos is set to take the milestone trip on the 20th of July.

Richard Branson
Richard Branson

The Slight Delay

Ever since Branson revealed his plans to move up his date to the 11th of July, the atmosphere has been surging with excitement and anticipation. For the billionaire, the journey is the point where a long-nurtured dream touches the line of reality. While for the world watching it is the start of something absolutely novel and rare that the possibility of such an idea was unthinkable a few years before.

Although the weather caused a 90-minute delay, it did not taint the taste of the success of Branson and the crew. The spacecraft developed by Virgin Galactic managed to climb over 50 miles over the surface of the earth. Post the success of the adventurous voyage, VSS Unity touched the land again with flying colors at the Spaceport America facility in New Mexico. Branson and crew experienced weightlessness for over 4 minutes as they reveled at their view of the earth below and into the mysteries of space.

The success of the trip is going to be definitely reflected in the future dealings of the company. Because pioneers always leave an indelible mark that works to their advantage. However, every coin has two sides. And this celebrated success of Virgin Galactic is not devoid of failures. Although what will be visible now is the bright ray of success.

Twitter Buzzes With Excitement

Twitter has been buzzing with interminable excitement ever since the news of the trip began turning heads. The countdown to the space trip was well reflected across Twitter town as Virgin Galactic, VSS Unity, and Richard Branson made it to the trending list on Twitter. And the buzz is still on. Here are a few reactions from Twitter in response to the news about the trip.

Musk made his presence felt prior to the trip adding yet another highlight to the already brilliant trip.

And sometimes it’s wise to remember that every coin has two sides. Although most people choose to be oblivious to the bitter side.

Bitter truths hitting hard.

Well, some amount of excitement is valid here. After all, the man made it to the edge.

And for some people, the edge is not enough.