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Facebook stops Huawei from pre-installing apps on smartphones

One of the largest social media channels, Facebook revealed that it would stop allowing pre-installation of its social networking application on Huawei devices to comply with the American Sanctions against the Chinese Technology giant.

The Facebook revealed that it took the step after US president Donald Trump order barring Huawei from the American technology exports over the concerns that it works with the Chinese Intelligence.

“We are reviewing the Commerce Department’s final rule and the more recently issued temporary general license and taking steps to ensure compliance,” a Facebook spokesperson told AFP.

The California company revealed people with the existing Huawei smartphones with Facebook Apps will continue to be able to use and download app updates provided by Facebook. The next move by Facebook is the latest to isolate Huawei, which had also become the world second largest smartphone vendor despite security concerns voiced in Washington.

Google last month revealed that it would cut ties to Huawei, making it harder to obtain primary application from the US giant.

Source: Huawei



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