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credits: CNBC

Facebook Used to be a Big Tech Giant- Now Meta Isn’t Even in the Top 20 Most Valuable U.S. Companies

According to recent reports, Meta is no longer in the top 20 most valuable U.S. companies. The parent company of Facebook’s worth is barely more than Pfizer and Coca-Cola. Read the entire article to learn about the whole story.

About the company’s position

A somewhat perplexed Zuckerberg acknowledged on Wednesday’s earnings call that “there are a lot of things going on right now in the business and in the world.”

“There’s macroeconomic issues, there’s a lot of competition, there’s ads challenges, especially coming from Apple, and then there are some of the longer-term things that we’re taking on expenses because we believe that they’re going to provide greater returns over time,” Zuckerberg said. “I appreciate the patience and I think that those who are patient and invest with us will be rewarded.”

About Meta

Meta is the parent company of Facebook. It owns Whatsapp and Instagram as well. For people who don’t know much about the company, this article will give the necessary information. Meta has been founded and headed by Mark Zuckerberg. The sole purpose of the company is to bring people closer and help people belonging to different communities connect with each other. The company aims to create a digital world where all these activities can take place with ease.

The company wants to make people’s lives easy and help them maintain their relationships even if they cannot meet their dear ones frequently. The company also makes an effort towards the upliftment of society. It has raised funds for various causes that contaminate our society. The company also has a very strong and solid code of conduct and instructions that everyone has to abide by, which makes this platform extremely safe and reliable. It also gives people a chance to fully express themselves without being worried about the consequences.


About Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is known all around the world as the founder of Facebook. When this social media app got launched, it was loved by people all over the world and still remains a favorite among many. Facebook was a one-of-a-kind app of its time and for that very reason, Mark Zuckerberg continues to be an idol and a source of inspiration for all the young people who are working hard so that their ideas can see the light of day. Mark Zuckerberg came up with the idea of having a parent company for Facebook, and then he introduced Meta.