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Facebook Workplace reaches “interesting milestone” of 7 million paid subscribers

Facebook Workplace

Source: About Facebook

Facebook Inc., the social media conglomerate has achieved yet another milestone despite all its controversies and issues. Owner of Instagram and WhatsApp has recently achieved an “interesting milestone” as Mark Zuckerberg quotes it on reaching over 7 million paid subscribers on its Facebook Workplace platform.

Facebook’s Workplace, for those of you who are not aware is the company’s business software which has gained over 40% traction in the past year majorly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic and remote working concepts accelerated user’s workflow and Workplace simply enhanced productivity by providing efficient tools to companies to manage their businesses remotely.

This service launched by Facebook has significantly helped businesses and companies to use an internal social platform to communicate with employees and keep up with all the progress that the company is making. Facebook Workplace’s top rival in the market is Microsoft’s Teams which is presently enjoying over 145 million daily active users.

As mention in a report by Social Media Today,

Facebook founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in a post,

“We built Workplace as an internal version of Facebook to run our own company, and it was so useful we started letting other organizations use it too, including everyone from Spotify to Starbucks to the World Health Organization. More companies are starting to use our virtual reality tools for work as well, and I’m excited to build more new ways for people to work together that weren’t possible before.”

One of the most convincing reasons as to why the Workplace platform grew over 40% in one year, reaching paid subscriber count to 7 million users is COVID-19 pandemic that has been acting like a catalyst the whole time. As most businesses in today’s date has switched from offline office-going mode to online work-from-home mode, they have realised the need of Facebook Workplace to assist the business and companies in their day-to-day workflow.

According to several sources, Facebook has confirmed to have bagged some big names as users of Workplace including the World Health Organisation and the entire chain of Starbucks Coffee.

Not just this, the social media conglomerate has also announced to add some new features to its business suite- Workplace such as a new Live Q&A experience for users to better facilitate and integrate the increasing culture of live video conferences.

Furthermore, Facebook is also adding more integration options to Workplace to enable users to embed Workplace within other business and utility-based applications.

Facebook has evolved significantly over time and Workplace is a pure example of the company’s business progress from when it was first launched back in 2016.




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