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Fantastic Medium Length Hairstyles To Upgrade You Modern Look


Going either too short or growing out tremendously long and beautiful mane is not an option for everyone. These days, many women prefer to remain stylish and active and tend to choose something in-between. It is not that difficult to guess that shoulder-length cuts are the golden middle that we are driving at.

Such sources like LoveHairStyles enlist countless medium length hairstyles that you can play around with. However, we would like to talk about the sure ways to choose that cut that will compliment you best and will be nonetheless stylish and popular. There are a couple of factors to pay attention to, and we are going to point them out for you.

Start With The Texture

No matter how disappointing it may sound but the cuts that look great on thick hair may look lifeless and unattractive on fine locks and vice versa. That is why it is so important that you consider your hair texture before you ask for the cut.

Fine hair – one of the main goals that you should set in front of you if your hair is fine is to add some more volume to it. Layering is the best way to achieve the goal. Besides, medium length is what grants you the grandest variety of options to consider. A word of advice would be to pay attention to styles with highlights in the first place. What is more, light waves will also add up to that necessary volume that you are an option for. Such cuts can be easily fitted to any style or occasion, so there will be no issues arising here.


Thick hair – surprisingly, layers are the best option here too. The fact is that thick hair is heavy, and the longer it is, the more high-maintenance it becomes. Choppy layers paired with mid-length will take away that unnecessary weight of your shoulders and your head as well. If you think that your hair looks a bit dull when dyed a solid shade, then you should definitely let some contrasting highlights in.

Asian hair – we point Asian hair as a separate hair type since it tends to be a little coarser than other hair types. Usually, Asian ladies have hair that is thicker and straighter when compared to Caucasian women. That is why it is best to opt for a mid-length cut with piecey bangs to it. Make sure that the bangs frame your face and reach to the cheekbones, in such a way you will achieve the best effect you can count on.

African-American hair – just like Asian hair, so African-American has a slightly different texture than that one of Caucasian. The best medium haircut that you should think about is the one that embraces your natural curls. Besides, with such a kinky mane, the best way to define your style would be through a well-chosen hair dyeing technique. 

Side Swept Blonde Hair of Shoulder Length 

It is true that shoulder-length blonde hair spiced up with mermaid waves looks tempting and gorgeous. There is no use denying it. You can achieve the look with either wet-braiding or heat tool, but the effect will be equally irresistible. For a more defined feel, you can sweep the locks to one side, and the roots grow out a little. Such an easy-going and feminine look will fit the summer months better than anything else, don’t you think?


Sleek and Straight Black Hair for Elegant ladies

Where the black hair is, there always comes the drama. There is no use denying it since it is not a bad thing. If you want to stand out in the crowd, but going toxic green is not on the list, then going black should be added to the table. However, in case the Gothic vibe is not the one you are opting for, a sleek shoulder-length lob is the one to consider. While it is utterly classy, you can bring in some modern touch into the look with a stylish side part. Looking ravishing with your raven-black mane is easier than you think! 

Medium Length Hair With Balayage

Some ladies are not that fond of dramatic changes, but slight updates of the style are acceptable. If you belong to the category, then a wavy mid-length cut spiced up with trendy balayage is an option to set your mind upon. That lift and natural feel that the balayage grants is hard to underestimate. See for yourself! 

Source: LoveHairStyles



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