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FAU-G “Made in India” Mobile action game, debuts on Google Play Store


Source: Google Play

Fearless and United Guards or FAU-G is a mobile action game which serves as a tribute to the Indian armed forces and depicts clashes and war on the Ladakh’s Galwan Valley which took place in June 2019. Recently, the game has finally made its debut on the Google Play Store and is available for Android users in India.

A few days back, nCore Games, the developer of FAU-G had disclosed through an announcement that the game had recorded over 1.05 million pre-registrations ahead of launch on the Google Play Store within just 24 hours of going live. The numbers are incredible considering the hype that the game has been creating from the past so many months.

Fearless and United Guards was announced sometime in September, around the same time when India’s most popular PUBG Mobile was banned by the Indian government over national security issues with China.

However, nCore Games has mentioned in a statement that FAU-G is not competing with PUBG Mobile. Anyhow, PUBG Mobile was not the only Chinese app banned by the Indian government, the game was banned along with other 118 Chinese applications.

FAU-G has been creating that hype ever since PUBG Mobile was banned, the game wants to take over and cater to the huge public demand created after the Chinese game’s ban. PUBG Mobile revealed the potential of the Indian gaming industry which is why FAU-G has been introduced in the first place.

Furthermore, PUBG Corp. has been trying very hard to relaunch the game in India as it was the largest market, the company was catering to. The demand in the Indian market and the potential it has was a game-changer for PUBG Mobile developers. Indian market is a very profitable market for game developers and PUBG Corp. is leaving no stone unturned to make a comeback.

This is true! According to several reports, PUBG Corp. proposed to set-up servers within India so that no user information can leave the country. The game developers were ready to expand its operations in India and even advertised on its LinkedIn handle that it was finding employees for its Indian operations. The developers are ready to comply with any and all regulations and policies proposed by the government on India to relaunch the game but unfortunately, it seems like the government believes PUBG Mobile to be a bad influence on the people of India and there may be other reasons because of which it is not allowing PUBG Corp. to bring back the game in India.

As mentioned in a report by Inc42, initial reviews of the game are impressive according to Android users. People have been praising the storyline and the Indian elements in the game such as background music and Hindi audio. However, first-time players have criticised the graphics and controls of the game but it is a no-biggie because it can be changed with a software update if nCore Games wants to improve it.

Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar is the presenter of the game and nCore Games have announced to aim for 50 million game downloads within the first three months of FAU-G’s launch. The game is also not yet available for iPhone users. Apple users might have to wait a little longer to experience Fearless and United Guards.



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