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Elon Musk fires back at Waymo’s CEO on twitter

Elon Musk didn’t particularly like the comment that Waymo’s CEO made. The latter said that Tesla is no competition in the Autonomous vehicle market. To this, Elon said that Tesla has better hardware and software than Waymo. It is not the first time that Waymo’s CEO John and Tesla’s CEO Elon have commented against each other. And I think this is also going to continue in the future. But I do believe that Waymo’s comment didn’t make any sense here.

Waymo’s comment on Tesla

Waymo made the comments on Tesla in an interview using the term “no competitor at all.” According to him, the company is not making autonomous vehicles but only driver assistance systems. John also continued to say that developing these driver assistance systems doesn’t mean that Tesla can magically make an autonomous system. He also added that Tesla’s sensors are far more inferior as compared to Waymo. According to him, the sheer amount of things that their sensors can map on the road is much better.

Waymo vs Tesla, Elon Musk

Image Source: Business Insider

To this, Musk tweeted saying that Tesla’s hardware and software are not only much better than Waymo, but their cars are also less expensive. While Tesla is trying to bring down their vehicles’ prices to make them accessible to the masses, Waymo is priced much higher. Their vehicles start around $100,000, at which price one can purchase a Mercedes.

Taking a looking at the facts between the verbal exchange two companies, Tesla does have their Auto-pilot system. In October, the company did release its beta version of the Self-driving mode. But to keep the experience as safe as possible, the company ensured that the feature wouldn’t work unless a driver is in the seat. But that doesn’t mean that it is a driver assistance feature. In fact, a video recently surfaced showing that a man traveling from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley with Auto-pilot on the entire time. And he only took control of the car a few times.

Is Tesla really capable of self-driving?

Well, unlike Waymo, Tesla’s vehicles do need a driver to operate in the self-driving mode. And it is not yet developed to function properly all the time and does make mistakes. This is the reason why Tesla might actually be a little behind in the Autonomous segment and has released the software in beta mode. But is definitely a competitor. Though it is true that Tesla needs to work on its software and improve the self-driving tech it has right now. For this, the company has also partnered up with Samsung to make 5nm based self-driving chips to use in their future models.

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