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FAU-G prepares to launch four new features including Battle Royale


Source: InsideSport

Fearless and United Guards or FAU-G is the brand-new mobile action game launched by developer nCore games which was announced right after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India. The game was recently launched for Android users, reportedly crossing 5 million downloads in a short amount of time. The game was launched on 26th January, Republic Day as it pays tribute to the Indian armed forces and what better day than the day of patriotism.

The game is available on the Google Play Store for all Android users but is yet to be available for iPhone users on the Apple App Store.

FAU-G has its first gameplay storyline based in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley where Indian troops and Chinese soldiers are in a fierce standoff which originally took place in 2020, as mentioned in a report by India.com.

The users have mixed reactions on playing the much-hyped game as it was supposed to cater to the market demand of PUBG Mobile after it was banned. PUBG Mobile’s Battle Royale mode had major popularity among Indians but till now, the game mode has not been introduced in the new Indian action game.

However, Vishal Gonadal, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of nCore Games confirmed that the players can expect a Battle Royale Mode, Battle Pass, Guns and Multi-Player Mode very soon. He also mentioned in a statement to IGN India that the first gameplay offered to players will be the Story Mode. He further added that in a period of over six months, the company will introduce new updates and features to the game.

As mentioned in a report by India.com, a Battle Royale mode consists of a game genre that blends multiple modes including survival game, exploration with scavenging elements. The mode usually features the last man standing gameplay which is statistically the most challenging and popular mode that people have been waiting for.

Presently in the Story Mode, there are no guns because of the India-China agreement that no guns will be used at the Galwan Border. The developers kept the agreement in mind and thus confirms to include guns along with new gameplays and features in the next update.

Multiplayer combat modes are one of the most challenging and exciting game modes where people can play with their friends and enjoy the gaming experience. PUBG Mobile had a multiplayer mode which is why people are sure that they want one in FAU-G too.

Next is Battle Pass, a monetisation approach to the game in which players get extra perks on collecting these passes. PUBG Mobile had this feature too and turns out that it is another popular feature that nCore Games will introduce very soon.

There is no official news yet, but according to sources, FAU-G will soon be available for iPhone users as well on the Apple App Store. Stay Tuned.



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