Mykhailo Federov asks Microsoft to do more for Ukraine Source: Republic World

Federov asks Bill Gates, Microsoft ‘to do more to stop war’
Ukraine Vice Prime Minister asks Founder and CEO of Microsoft to do more

Mykhailo Federov asks Microsoft to do more for Ukraine
Source: Republic World

On Friday, March 12, Ukraine Vice Prime Minister, Mykhailo Federov took to Twitter. In his tweet, he addressed Microsoft to “do more” to stop the war in Ukraine. This comes in the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which initiated on February 24. Since then, various big tech companies around the world have contributed towards supporting Ukraine.

On the social media platform, Federov addressed Azure, Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates, along with its Chief Executive Officer, Satya Nadella. He initially extended his gratefulness for the first “steps for peace.” However, he urged them to contribute more to stop the ongoing war in Ukraine. He specified how the organisation must stop supporting products and services in Russia. They must cut Russia off until their tanks and missiles stop killing people in Ukraine.

Previously, on March 6, Federov had taken to Twitter pushing tech giants to boycott Russia. Following that, he had extended his thanks in another Tweet towards Microsoft and CEO Satya Nadella. The tech company had halted all of its sales of products and services in Russia. Federov appreciated it and urged them to suspend the functions of its other products as well. He referred to Microsoft’s services of Microsoft 365, Teams, Skype, Github, etc to the Federation of Russia. The Ukraine Vice PM specified how during “ten days of the war” Russia fired more than 400 cruise missiles on Ukraine. He pointed out how crucial buildings like that of residences, hospitals and kindergartens were demolished. Federov requested the company to block Russia’s access to Azure, Skype and Github.

The Ukrainian leader also shared a letter via a tweet that he sent to Satya Nadella.

In the letter, Federov pointed out to Nadella how his country is currently on the “frontline of the defence of the principles of democracy and freedom.” This happens on the point of the war ignited by the forces of Russia. He stated how Ukraine would appreciate the assistance of Microsoft to its citizens. Federov further pointed how much the suspension of these services to Russia could help Ukraine in the war.

Ultimately, he pleaded to Microsoft to sever all existing ties with Russia as a support towards his country. His request to the company was to end all relationships until violence comes to an end and order is restored in Ukraine. He pushed them to stop the supply of all Microsoft services in Russia. These include the products such as Skype, Office 365, Teams and Github.