FedEx Nuro

FedEx partners with AI robotics company, Nuro to test autonomous delivery

FedEx Nuro
Source: FedEx Newsroom

FedEx Corporation carries a broad portfolio of e-commerce and transportation business services. This Tennessee-based company caters to provide a wide array of transportation services to customers and businesses across the world. Recently, the company has partnered with an Artificial Intelligence robotics company, Nuro, that develops and operates a fleet of autonomous self-driving vehicles specially built to deliver assorted local goods.

According to recent reports, the two companies have entered into a multi-year, multi-phase partnership where Nuro will test its autonomous delivery vehicles within the operational parameters of FedEx through a pilot program that was recently launched in April across the city of Huston, as mentioned in a report by Fleet Owners.

More or less, this partnership between the two companies makes complete sense because the future of e-commerce delivery and transportation logistics is through autonomous technology, which, in this case, is being built by Nuro. The pilot program offered by the AI robotics company will expand into parcel logistics and allow FedEx to explore the newer opportunities with Nuro’s autonomous vehicle logistics technology.

Commenting on the partnership, Rebecca Yeung, Vice President of Advanced Technology and Innovation at FedEx, says that the company is built on the core of innovation, and it continues to be an integral part of FedEx’s culture and business strategy. She further adds that the team at FedEx is excited to collaborate with Nuro, an industry leader, as the company continues to explore the use of the next-generation autonomous technologies within FedEx’s operations.

Furthermore, FedEx believes that continued exploration and use of innovation and automation in the industry will improve productivity, efficiency, and safety for the company as they continue to cater to the world’s demands, taking it forward.

As mentioned in a report by FleetOwner, Cosimo Leipold, head of partnerships at Nuro comments on the partnership, saying that working with FedEx, which is a global leader in logistics, is an incredible opportunity that tends to rethink every new aspect of the future of local delivery.

Nuro develops autonomous local delivery vehicles that will now be used by FedEx for conducting their local logistics operations. Over time, through this multi-year and multi-phase partnership, FedEx will explore and find new ways to truly reach larger-scale deployment that will eventually enable innovation with these industry-first product offerings, making every day better and communities safer and greener, says Leipold.