Robert Kiyosaki alarms more banks are about to fail

Feds and Treasury are destroying the dollar says Robert Kiyosaki

Feds and Treasury are destroying the dollar, says Robert Kiyosaki as he advises investors to save in Bitcoin. Robert has always spoken highly of Bitcoin because he doesn’t trust the authorities. He holds Bitcoin and has recommended that people buy it and other assets like Gold and Silver. Since the US has been printing dollars like crazy, those who will save in USD will face crazy inflation rates and financial trouble.

Robert Kiyosaki warns investors

Robert is well known for this financial knowledge as he is also the best-selling author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” So, it doesn’t take much to understand that he knows what he is talking about. Robert has warned that there are millions of ways for financial freedom but over a billion ones for financial hell. And the US is pushing investors down that lane by devaluing the dollar. The chart below is a clear example of how the buying power of USD has declined over the last 100 years. It is scary, right?

Feds and Treasury are destroying the dollar, says Robert Kiyosaki

And this is the reason that investing in assets is very important. Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin are a few of them. One might also invest in the equity markets and make good returns, but if you want to be in control, then Bitcoin is the way to go. The Feds are hurting the dollar so much that Bitcoin is the only way to save money properly and also spend it. Gold has been dormant for the last 10 years, so it’s difficult to say what good it will be to invest in it.

Kiyosaki has warned about these things in the past as well. He said that the Feds and Biden are pushing “fake inflation,” and this will lead to the ultimate market collapse and rip off poor people. While the rich will get richer as usual. It is his disbelief in the authorities that he prefers decentralized currencies.

Bitcoin’s price next?

If we are able to hold above $40k, then there is no reason to be bearish about Bitcoin. It is just a matter of time before bulls retake complete control of the market. Some critical levels to watch will be the $43k-$46k range and then $49.3k to $50.5k. At present, it has been consolidating at the $41.5k level, which is a good sign.

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