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Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Release In September

Over a year after the announcement of the Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, Square Enix has the first release window ever for the mobile remaster of a classic RPG and they are targeting September. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will feature not only the 1997 original game, but also include other entries such as the CGI film Advent Children, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, and also Before Crisis; all of which were until now exclusively released in Japan. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will condense the original games and other titles in the Final Fantasy VII expanded universe for mobile devices. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will feature the return to an Active Time Battle system prominent in older FF titles, so fans of classic gameplay featuring Cloud, Aerith, Sephiroth, Barret, Tifa, etc are looking forward to the new version.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Credit @ Square Enix

In its recently released fiscal year 2 financial report for the fiscal year 2022, Applibot confirmed Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis would release sometime during this financial year. In a recent report, he stated the game would release at some point during 2022, or rather, his financial year. CyberAgents founder, Susumu Fujita, revealed that Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis would release at some point in the financial year, ending September 30 this year, according to gamesbiz.jp. The information comes from the present financial results revealed by CyberAgent, who noted how a cellular-based title will probably appear sometime in its current 12 months of the fiscal year, running April through March.

While there is currently no info available regarding the specific launch date, it appears the company is targeting September 2022 for delivery of the title. Square Enix has revealed no plans for free-to-play to launch on platforms outside of iOS and Android. A recent interview in Famitsu with game creative director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Ever Crisis is a free-to-play title featuring a Gacha (cheers, Gematsu) mechanic.

The release of this mobile spin-off, according to Tetsuya Nomura, is to connect all of the older games in the Final Fantasy 7 Collection to one unified base. This mobile Final Fantasy 7 spin-off looks quite substantial, with a re-telling of the original JRPG expected to span over ten chapters, with an escape from Midgar taking place in chapter three. The game will have new plot events that were not present in the original game, which portrays the heroes and villains throughout the story as being younger years. Every Crisis is being developed by the company’s subsidiary, CyberAgent Applibot, together with Square Enix, and is listed as one of the projects to launch prior to the start of the fiscal year 2023, which begins in October 2022.



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