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Fortnite Adds Robocop To The Item Shop

Robocop is getting his own costume in Fortnite, which will become available for purchase later today from the games store. RoboCop, a cyborg-like character that once brought justice by shooting criminals in the head, but has since been diluted to more of just a cool-looking figure, is now available as an outfit in the Item Shop of the electronic game.

Fortnite Robocop

Credit @ Epic Games

Alongside RoboCop, one other notable character is going to be made available from Fortnite Item Shop. His custom cosmetics were added to the Fortnite Item Shop on May 13, and they will remain accessible until May 21. Just in time for this year’s Robocop 35th Anniversary, players can re-enact the iconic franchise through inspired outfits and cosmetics that are available on the Fortnite Item Shop. While RoboCop might have been a strange selection for the game, this is all a part of celebrating the 35th anniversary of the franchise.

Continuing with the tradition, Battle Royale has just revealed an all-new RoboCop skin for players. RoboCop joins the previous additions of 1980s-era action heroes such as Sarah Connor, The Terminator, and the Xenomorph, all of which are currently featured in Fortnite. Legendary Cyborg Officer, RoboCop is now entering the fray in Fortnite, complete with an assortment of suitably themed cosmetics. It goes without saying, but an exclusive new RoboCop outfit is available only for a limited period of time from the Fortnites item store and will rotate out every now and then. Those that are die-hard RoboCop fans might not want to pass up on this continuing opportunity, as this outfit will be available for only a limited period in the game.

Fans can now add RoboCop to their account’s skin collection by purchasing him in the Fortnite Item Store. According to well-known Fortnite leaker, Shiina, Epic Games is adding RoboCop skins to the shop today. According to Epic Games’ surprising 14th May 2022 announcement, Cyborg Crimefighter Robocop will be made available in the Fortnite Item Store in the form of skin packs for a limited time. RoboCop, part-man, part-machine supercop from the ultraviolent 1987 Paul Verhoeven film Supercop, which mocked the corporate greed of the Reagan Era, has made its way into Fortnite. The hit battle royale game has just introduced the 80s action icon RoboCop, and while the game has been quick to incorporate such pop-culture icons, including a robot cop has left some feeling conflicted. Fortnite is known for having great guest collaboration and we’ll have to wait and see what they have in stock for the rest of 2022.



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