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Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy’s wife buys Rs 8-crore villa in Bengaluru
Their property spans an area of almost 7000 square feet!


The CEO of e-commerce enterprise, Flipkart, Kalyan Krishnamurty’s wife has purchased a bungalow in Bangalore that is valued at Rs. 8 crores. There seems to be a growing trend of successful tech businessmen purchasing high end real estate.

Mr. Kalyan Krishnamurthy’s wife, Mrs. Soumya Narayanan took over this massive purchase. The house spans an area of 4921 square feet in Adarsh Palm Retreat, a premium area, where the richest entrepreneurs reside.  The area contains eight hundred private villas covering a grand total of 110 acres. The residential area is next to many relevant tech parks owing to the fact that most people who choose to live there are all high-level techies.

Kalyan Krsihnamurthy by Business Standard

Many successful tech start-ups are based in these tech parks such as Swiggy, Myntra and Flipkart.

According to official documents, the villa spans an area of 4921 square feet, but their entire property purchased is close to 7,000 square feet. There is no information as to what the couple plans to execute on this open space around their humble abode.

The villa, naturally comes with sleuth of rooms and features. The property houses four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a dual open space kitchen, a prayer room, a hall, a dining room, another one for the family to spend time together, an office and media rooms. The house also comes with a parking lot that can space multiple cares and even a storage room. The villa is even adorned with a classy red roof designed in a Victorian style. This house is truly a dream for most of us.

During the multiple waves of the coronavirus pandemic, the world phased into the online world. As we couldn’t go out at all, we turned to technology and the internet for all of our needs. Whether we needed to work or buy groceries’, other gadgets, medicine, play games, or simply talk to people, we turned to the internet.

With the massive influx of people being more reliant on the digital world, it provided the opportunity for online businesses to grow or existing companies to change their operations in an online format. This allowed already successful e-commerce direct to consumer start ups like Flipkart and Snapdeal to really boost and grow their company.

In the fiscal year of 2021, Flipkart grew by over 25%, raking in almost Rs. 43,000 crores as revenue. With all this new growth, no wonder the CEO has upgraded to a new upscale villa.



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