Follow 4 Travel Tips to Commute Safely in Guwahati

Covid-19 pandemic has altered lives in many ways. One of the most critical changes is that it has now made social distancing the new normal. Given that there is no vaccination to fight the virus, it is expected that this distancing shall continue to be one of the most effective ways to keep your loved ones and yourself safe against the virus. It will, particularly, be of importance while you travel. 

So far, over the last few weeks, you may have avoided travelling entirely. However, now that the government is making efforts towards resuming routine life, you must practice caution if you need to make any necessary trips. You must choose the safest means of transportation to avoid coming in contact with people, while also following all the other necessary precautions. Hence, an ideal option would be to hire from the Guwahati car rental service available. In this manner, you will be able to travel privately and securely.

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Here we have shared a few travel tips that you must follow for ensuring the safety of your loved ones and yourself, each time you need to travel through Guwahati:

  1. Ensure Safety with Self Driving

If you are required to make emergency visits outside your home during this period of lockdown, you must ensure that you travel safely. Further, you can avail of the option of Guwahati car rental services. You can compare the Guwahati car rental rates and choose the one which is suitable accordingly. When you take a cab, it can be risky as you do not know how many people the driver came in contact with before riding you around. The exchange of currency may also lead to transmission. Hence, self-driving is the most secure option for keeping the risk at bay. 

  1. Wear Masks and Carry Hand Sanitizers at All Times

With the prevailing conditions, it will be beneficial for you to carry hand sanitizers and wear face masks before stepping out of the house. There are high chances of coming in contact with a virus carrier or touching a virus-ridden surface. Wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands now and then will minimize the risk of getting infected. It is advisable to keep extra supplies of masks and sanitizers with you. Therefore, if you are travelling, make sure that your car is well-equipped, so that even if you run out of hand sanitizer, you will have a back-up.

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  1. Ensure Protection for Long-Distance Travel

When you need to undertake a long-distance journey, say to your elderly parents or family, you must look for a better alternative than taking a means of public transport such as a bus or train. Many companies like Zoomcar provide car rental in Guwahati for outstation travel purposes to enable people who have no personal car to have access to personal mobility, especially during such critical times. By taking their services, you can reach Guwahati or any other place safely, away from the crowds. 

  1. Ensure Safe Daily Commute 

As the lockdown may be lifted entirely in some more time, you may even be required to travel to your workplace. However, that wouldn’t mean that you can resume travelling back in the same way. Now you will need to look for a safe way to travel even to the office. You should avoid using public transport and cabs, which increase your vulnerability to transmission. Therefore, a practical solution to this problem will be to make use of the Guwahati car rental service. Though public transport travel is cost-efficient, a rental car will be safer. The focus should be on safe personal mobility, which will be private as well as secure. Depending on your travel needs, you may either take a self-drive car on a rental basis for one-side travel or that for a short duration, such as a few days or weeks or take monthly or yearly subscription. 

Prioritize Safety While Travelling

It is imperative to follow preventive measures while you travel unless a definite cure for the Coronavirus is found. Therefore, you must choose personal mobility options such as Guwahati car rental service. Reliable car rental companies like Zoomcar provide you with well-sanitized cars, which are also insured. Their rental cars will reach your doorstep in about thirty minutes, and you will also be able to enjoy 24*7 roadside assistance. 

So, follow all preventive measures, choose the right means to commute, and keep your loved ones and yourself safe.